The nerd Harry Styles



5. Chapter 5

Alaisha's pov

I looked at the door and I froze, I thought it was just my imagination that the doorbell rang, but there is a shadow there. "w-who is it?" I stuttered and walked a little bit closer to the door. "hi i'm your neighbor" she yelled thinking I was far away. I opened the door and found a brown hair women standing there. "hi i'm your next door neighbor may I talk to your guardian or parent?" she asked nicely. "sorry my dads at work" I explained. "oh that's fine, I was just going to invite you to dinner?" she asked. I looked around my house and realized I had nothing to cook with, there was some fruit and some cookies.

"I would love to if it isn't to much bother?" I asked. "no of course not hunny" she said. "okay I will change and be there thank you by the way" I told her and waved bye. I walked to my room, in my walk in closet. I wore a tanktop that says 'shut up' with some ripped skinny jeans and sandals with a few jewelry. I looked in the mirror in front of me. I wanted to make a good impression. I ringed the doorbell once I was at her house. A men in his fifties opened the door and welcomed me in, the house was so clean and it looked really quite, this was gonna be awkward.

He leaded me to the dining room, which was so pretty, it had a huge chandelier in the middle of the room. "oh I almost forgot, we have a son your age, he is coming down now" she told me while I just smiled at her. She was setting the table and I just awkwardly stood there. "can I help you with that?" I asked her. "oh no sweety your the guest" she told me and I just stood there and nodded. Than I heard  footsteps coming closer. I looked at the door when it opened and it revealed.......

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