The nerd Harry Styles



4. Chapter 4

Alaisha's pov

After class the teacher dismissed everybody but me, I did not do anything, I swear. "yes?" I asked. "well Mrs. Brown, your old school send in an application of your grades in your old school and you did so well, straight A's" the teacher explained and some other boring stuff I didn't bother listening too. "is there a problem? Mrs. Brown?" she finally ended the sentence. "no there's no problem, I just got a little headache today i'm fine thank you for your concern" I told her and walked out. I followed the other cheerleaders that were waiting for me and avoided awkward stares. We walked in to another class and took a seat.

After school, I went to where the cheer tryouts were and waited in line, some of these people were really good, I think they do competitive cheerleading too. I was up next and did my thing and yes I got in. Today wow a lot has happened, but mostly awkward things. I got home and it was already noon and made my homework, took a shower and went downstairs. "dad?, daddy" I called for my dad, but he wasn't home yet. I sighed, this use to happen a lot, but I didn't know it would happen on the first day, I never get to see my own dad. Then the doorbell rang........

~I hope this suspense because i'm gonna need some, I think it's boring don't you? Comment what you think!~

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