The nerd Harry Styles


3. Chapter 3

Alaisha's pov

"so?" Dylan said coming to sit next to me. I just looked down at my food. I ate some fries, but I lost my appetite because of Dylan, he keeps flirting with me. "Alaisha can I talk to you in private?" Dylan asked. Then the bell rang. Saved by the bell! I hurried to find the class seeing I don't want to be late again, but Naomi showed it to me because we have the same classes. I went in the class where we had History 5th period. "hi I'm Alaisha Brown and I'm new here" I explained to the teacher. "hi Alaisha would you like to tell us something about yourself? "well okay, i'm 17, I am American, I love chocolate and other sweets and I am a model in America I am pretty known there so I hope I am going to be know here too" I told them and took a seat in front of Naomi. For the first time today I looked around in the class and some of the kids were looking at me and some were looking at the teacher while others are playing and doodling with pencils. I stopped track on the back of the class and saw a guy with curly hair and green eyes, he was concentrating on his work. I don't know why, but he is super cute. I turned around to ask Naomi. "hi Naomi who is he?" I questioned kind of pointing at the guy I was staring at. "I don't know, we don't talk to nerds and geeks around here" she explained and I just didn't get it. I mean he is cute, "why is he a nerd?" I asked Naomi. "because he is smart and his head is in his books 24/7" she explained one again with a tiny bit of annoyance in her tone.

"oh okay?" I said confused, I am smart, actually I am really smart because I get straight A's but I can't be smart when I want to fit in? I have to act dumb to fit in? I looked at Harry once again and he is still concentrating on his work, I don't know why, but he is suddenly very attractive to me. I'm so going to find a way to talk to him. "what year did Christoffel Columbus discovered America?" the teacher asked snapping me out of my thoughts, I looked around for who raised there hands and no one did. "come on people no one? no one at all?" the teacher asked. The teacher looked around and stopped at me, I slouched down on me seat trying to get her to look somewhere else. How about the new girl Alaisha?" she smirked, it's so easy 1492. "um... year 300?" I said but more as a question. The teacher sighed and continued and I thought I was not good at being dumb!

"yes Harry?" the teacher said and I turned around to see Harry bright red, he is so cute. "it's year 1492" he mumbled. "yes that is correct" the teacher said and smiled. "coughnerdcough" some jocks coughed. I don't like this school, the only good thing is Harry!

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