The nerd Harry Styles


2. Chapter 2

Alaisha's pov

I got out of the principals office along with the hot guy, I guess he's one of those troublemakers. "hi I'm Dylan what's your name babe?" he said confidently. How is this guy serious. "hi I'm Alaisha" I told him and continued looking for class 12B. "how about we ditch babe?" he asked me. "I'm not really fond of that idea" I told him and continued walking until I saw class 12B. Thank god, I opened the door and walked in and everyone automatically turned there attention to me. I walked to the teacher and gave him my timetable. "hi I'm Alaisha Marie Brown and I'm new here" I told him. "hi Alaisha" the teacher said and put his arms around my shoulder. I looked at his arm and back at him, I moved a bit trying to get his arm of my shoulders.

"I'll be your teacher Mr. Kelly" he said moving his arm to my waist. "well hi your in my personal space" I rudely said and yanked his hand off. The entire class started laughing and I took a seat in the middle seeing it was the only seat left. I sat In class paying attention to the board and writing down notes when I felt a tap on my shoulders and saw a girl in a cheerleading uniform, well don't know if it's obvious, but I'm guessing she's a cheerleader? "um hi?" I asked confused, did she need something? "hi cheerleading tryouts are after school you should try out" she explained and I nodded getting back to my work.

After fourth period was lunch and I didn't know where to sit, when I was at my old school, I usually sit with my friends, but since I don't know anyone here it's kind of hard. So I got my lunch and walked around in the cafeteria with everyone staring at me, I hope they stop soon because I can't deal with this much attention. "Alaisha over here" I heard someone yell and turned to where the voice came from. I saw the cheerleader that asked me to tryout waving at me, I slowly walked there not wanting to be desperate to find somewhere to sit.

"hi" I said once I got to her table. "hi Alaisha why don't you sit with us?" she asked me and I nodded sitting down next to her. "hi well my name is Naomi" she introduced herself. "this is Brian, Mikayla, Alexa, Fiona, Vianne my friends and the others are cheerleaders and football players" she explained to me and I nodded staring at my lunch because they were all staring at me and it's uncomfortable.

I looked up from my lunch for the first time and saw Dylan there, the guy that flirted with me, well I think he flirted with me. "hi babe" he said smiling once he saw me. "oh you two know each other?" Naomi asked glaring at me, let me just guess she had a crush on him. "yeah" I mumbled looking at my lunch again.

This school is so uncomfortable and weird, I really hope I fit in enough.

~yeah Harry is not introduced yet, but he will appear soon, I promise!~


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