The nerd Harry Styles



12. Chapter 12

Alaisha's pov

"hi Harry I said as he turned around. I gave him a reassuring smile and walked in, "are you okay?" I asked him, whenever I see a sad person I ask them that because I don't know what else I can say. "I-I'm fine" he stuttered sniffing. "harry I'm not buying it' I told him. "n-no I'm fine' he stuttered once again and I realized he didn't want me to know. "we are having cup a soup, no just kidding were having noodles in a cup" I laughed trying to lighten up the mood. He nodded. "t-thanks i'll be down in a minute" he told me and I walked out. Seriously there's something wrong with him and I am going to find out one way or another. At dinner I tried talking to him about stuff and he just occasionally mumbles the 'okay' and 'sure'. And the rest of the meal we ate it in silence, since it's Friday today. I started school on Wednesday and I already found out : there's something going on with Harry, I have to act like a bitch and act dumb, I have to live alone cause my father is 'working, I am not really that sure anymore and Harry is staying with me for a weekend.

Tomorrow the cheerleaders are going for a shopping spree and I have to join them. They said its a cheerleaders tradition that they go shopping every Saturday, i'm not a shopping kind of girl, but if I want to fit in I have to do everything they say. They just don't know what i'm doing. After the very awkward dinner I said goodnight and went up to my room and did the female stuff and went to sleep, I don't know what Harry did, but I woke up with a extra blanket around me, maybe it's just my imagination it couldn't be him, he's way to shy. I got dressed in a crop top and high waisted skirt with boots and some jewelry. Naomi and the other cheerleaders are going to pick me in about 2 minutes, and I feel like I forgot to do something. I shrugged and walked downstairs when I saw Harry staring into space on my couch. Oh now I remember harry is here for a weekend, I heard a knock on my door and my heart beat. I can't have them see Harry here, they will make fun of me forever. The knock seem to shock Harry too, I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the guest room, "stay up here until i'm gone okay?" I asked him and ran to get the door. I opened the door and saw Naomi and Marie? I thought they thought she is a slut. "hi guys, let's go" I quickly said. "what's the hurry Alaish, nice place' they told me and I smiled and thanked them. "thanks let's go I can't wait to go shopping" I sung In my annoying voice.

When we got to the mall, they went into all the stores I don't shop at or well the sections anyways. They went to the lingerie and thongs and other weird sections in Victoria secrets and other stuff that you don't want me to explain. "aren't you getting anything?" they asked me a zillion times, but I always answered with "no I already have some". I hate shopping with them people keep giving us stares. I arrived back at my house in three hours of endless shopping. I walked upstairs to my room. What an awful way to spend a Saturday, I wonder what Harry is doing, he's probably out or something.

Harry's pov

When she told me to stay in the guest room until they leave, I knew she was embarrassed of me, everybody is. I actually was stupid enough to think that someone like her would ever be friends with someone like me or more, but she is just one of those stupid cheerleaders after she left I walked to my house, I wouldn't want to embarrass her more so I stayed in my house, what an awful day.


So both of them had a awful Saturday, one of them was because they were really lonely and the other well it was way to crowded and way to much lingerie shopping!

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