The nerd Harry Styles



11. Chapter 11

Alaisha's pov

"Who is it?" I yelled. "h-harry" I heard, fuck I ran to the door and opened it to see Harry there. "hi harry what are you doing here? Come in it's freezing outside" I told him. He came in, it was really cold outside and it just started raining, I turned the hear on and made some hot chocolate. I handed him a cup of hot chocolate and he took it. "so what brings you here?" I asked him. He stayed silent and handed me a note, what can't he speak? I unfolded the note and it says :

Hi Araisha, Anne here I am going on a business trip and I was wondering if Harry could stay with you for a while? I asked your dad and he said it was fine because he wouldn't be home anyways. Thank you sweetheart have a good day!

I was kind of freaked out and happy at the same time, I mean who wouldn't want to spend time with Harry, but I am also sad because dad said he wouldn't be home. I looked at Harry. grabbed his arm and leaded him upstairs, the thing I am actually freaked out about is what if someone sees us together? I lead him to out spare room and he mumbled a thanks and stayed in there for about two hours what the hell?

It was 6 pm and I usually eat dinner at this time, I know so freaking early, but that's just me. I walked to the spare room and knocked on the door while opening it slightly just to see Harry crying. Okay today's new mission find out why he's always crying? There must be a reasonable reason.

~like it? I know short sorry~


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