The nerd Harry Styles


10. Chapter 10

Alaisha's pov

School was just a whole pain in the ass. Today we got a English test that a six year old can make and how am I suppose to fail that? So I just wrote different, random stuff in each answers. The people weren't all that good too, they are so freaking annoying, they keep following me everywhere, there's even one of them who followed me to the bathroom and keep asking me if I needed stuff and every time I answered with no i'm so annoyed. Well this is last period and the teacher is not here so were just talking. "god have you seen Lizzie, she looks like a lesbian" Naomi said. "god yes I know have you seen the way she dresses?" I commented. I know i'm a bitch, but that's the only way I could fit in because they are also bitches. "yeah and Marie is such a slut" another cheerleader said. Wait isn't Marie one of their friends? If their talking about Marie behind her back, are they talking about me behind my back?

We continued talking and me glancing at Harry once so often. After school I walked out of the school in the garden of the school and saw a bunch of jocks surrounding a person with curly hair, it kind of looked like Harry. Should I save him or not?, I mean what if it is Harry? The on thing I need to figure out is how do I save him? Oh what the hell. I walked to the jocks and tapped on of them. "hi guys" I said in my super annoying voice. They turned around from doing what they were doing and looked at me. "hi sexy" they all chorused. I raised an eyebrow, but looked at them. "so what are you doing?" I asked them. "oh nothing, just picking on a geek, you know the usual" Dylan answered, I fake smiled at him. "okay than" I mumbled not knowing what else to say, I can't say that I like Harry that will ruin my whole reputation. "come on guys, you've taunted this nerd enough!: I blurted and they actually agreed? They agree with anything a cheerleader says?

I looked at Harry to see if he's okay and he was crying. I gasped. "harry are you okay?" I asked him. He shook his head, that was a stupid question duh he's not okay. "how are you getting home?" I asked him. "b-b-bus" he stuttered and I took his hand and dragged him to my car well not exactly dragged, but he walked to!

I got in my car and waited for him to get in, he hesitated a bit and than got in my car. I drove back home. In the car it was so awkward, I think everything is awkward, but seriously if you were in my situation, you would've understood, I would hear some sniffles from him, but that's it. I got home and he got out of my car mumbling a thanks and walked to his house, why is he so shy, why couldn't he make a move on me like Dylan did automatically. I sighed and walked back to my house I watched a bit telly until the bell rang and I was definitely sure it wasn't Anne cause it was a guy.......

~hi guys hope you liked this~

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