Everything has changed

Rosie's life changed when she saw something she wished she never saw, she ran away, changed her name. Leaving her family and friends. But one person she was leaving behind she wish she could bring with her......


3. Starbucks with Harry

Rosies P.O.V


I walked into Starbucks, saying hello to Mason then walking in the back to hang up my purse and grabbing my apron. 


"You ok, looks like you`ve seen a ghost." Mason asked.


"Yeah im fine" i said serving the next costumer.


"Hello, what would you like." i said grabbing a pad and pen to write it down.


"To talk to you." i heard a raspy voice replied.


I slowly lifted my head up to see Harry standing there smirking.


"I`m sorry, if your not oredring please step out the way so i can serve the REAL costumers." i said 

"Next please." i shouted to the next person not taking my eyes off of Harry.


"Fine, I will just have to wait for you then." he said taking one big step and smirking. 

I served the customer, with Harry staring at me the rest of my shift.


"Can i talk to you know?" he asked leaning on the counter.


"I`m sorry but you need to leave, we are closed." Mason said putting the chairs on the tables.


"I was just leaving." Harry said winking at my and leaving to wait outside.


"Can you lock up for me?" Mason asked


"Yeah course, see you Monday." i said giving him a hug.


As soon as Mason left it started to rain. Harry was still stood outside getting soaked. I felt bad so i walked out to him.


"Harry, what are you still doing here?" i asked


"Waiting for you." he said shoving his phone in his pocket.


"Well, its raining come inside." i said grabbing his arm.


I grabbed a towel, and tried to make him dry again.


"is it really you Rosie?" he asked  


I just ignored him and carried on. He grabbed my chin and lifted my head up looking to my eyes.


"What happned to you?" he said 


"I cant tell you." i said walking in the back to get my purse and hanging up my apron.


"You can trust me." he said 


"I know I can, but this is different and please don`t tell ANYONE you saw me. please." i said pushing him out the door.







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