Everything has changed

Rosie's life changed when she saw something she wished she never saw, she ran away, changed her name. Leaving her family and friends. But one person she was leaving behind she wish she could bring with her......


2. 2 years later

Rosie`s P.O.V


I am know living in America, i`m 19 know, with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I live with my best friend Lucy in our apartment, I miss my family I want to see my family again and my friends my annoying brother. I want to see Harry, he is world famous, in a band called one direction. I`m happy for him, i watch every tv show, concert and i listen to all there songs, I miss him i have always had a little crush on him that when he hugged me and kissed my forehead i would get butterflies, actually scrap that i would feel the hole zoo.


"Kylie, breakfast is ready." Lucy shouted from the kitchen.

I slumped out of bed dragging my feet, grabbing my breakfast of the island. Lucy had dirty blonde hair with brown eyes and tanned skin, who loves one direction. But every time she asks me to go with her to a concert i will always say no, I am too scared Harry will remember me and ask me what happened. I haven't told anyone, not even Lucy. 


"Ky, you need to get ready for work." Lucy said taking my plate and heading to the kitchen.


"Ok, thanks Lucy you have always been there for me." i said hugging her.


I got in the shower, letting the warm water trickle down my back giving me goosebumps. Letting my hair soak all the water, rubbing the shampoo then the conditioner in my hair.

After i was done in the shower i got dressed in my Starbucks uniform, grabbing my purse and phone off charge i walked into the kitchen where Lucy was.


"Can you hand out some fliers with me and i will walk you to starbucks." Lucy asked sticking out her bottom lip.


"Yeah." i said grabbing half the leaflets and walking out the door.


We were halfway to starbucks when i knocked into this boy.


"im so sorry." he said grabbing my arm to help me up.


"Thats ok." i said brushing my hair out of my eyes.

As i brushed the hair out of my eyes, i relised you helped me. Harry. Harry Styles. 


"Rosie?" he said tucking a stranded peice of hair behind my ear.


I took of down the road all the way to starbucks.


Harry's P.O.V 


Me, Louis and Zayn all sneaked out with out security to see New York, we were walking down a busy street. I bumped into a girl,

"i`m so sorry." i said grabbing her hand


"Thats ok." she said brushing her hair out of her eyes she looked so familiar i just couldn`t put a finger on it. 

Then i relised who i helped up, Rosie. Rosie Moore. 


"Rosie?" i asked tucking a piece of hair behind her hair.


Then she took off, down the road. 


"Rosie, what happened to you?" i shouted down the road, sitting down with my back to the wall with my big head in my hands. 


"I`m sorry. but who is rosie?" her friend asked.


"What do you mean?" i asked looking up to her.


"Well thats Kylie Milton, not Rosie Moore." she said picking the rest of the leaflets from the floor.


"what, where does she work?" i asked 


"Starbucks, dont tell her i told you." she said walking away.


"Harry, whats wrong mate?" Louis asked


"I have to go see her, i will meet you back in the hotel." i said walking down to starbucks.








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