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Julie and her BestFriend Ledenne started their first day of high school Julie's brother Liam introduces them to his bet mates Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Harry. Julie gets a crush on Zayn and Liam can sense it but Liam has known Zayn for years and he knows how he's broken girls hearts and he doesn't want that to happen to Julie so he will do anything he can to make sure she doesn't get hurt.


4. Mall

Zayns P.O.V.



we finally got to the mall and I quickly hopped out. I put my hand out in front of me gesturing for julie to grab it. She put her hand in mine and I helped her out of the car. Where to first I asked. Well I do t know about you two but me and Jules wanna o to forever 21,ledenne said? Do you mind of we go along,I wanna see what you two girlie girls buy? Umm..yea sure I guess that fine Julie managed to say. Then it's settled well going shipping with y'all two then well go and get something to eat,I asked. They all nodded and we went into forever 21. 


Ledennes P.O.V.


When we were walking to the store I told Jules that I had to go to the loo and he agreed to come with me. Hey guys can you wait I gotta go to the loo I said kinda embarrassed. Yea go ahead Liam said. I smiled at him and grabbed Jules wrist and pulled her into the bathroom with me. Go do your business boo she chuckled. Shut up I said. I didn't have to go I just had I tell you that Zayn likes you. What?she asked surprised. No he doesn't she exclaimed. Yes he does I can tell by the way he looks at you and when he helped you out of the car it was so sweet I said. Omg you really think he likes me she asked. Well I don't know for sure but I think he does boobear I smiled. 


Zayns P.O.V. 


Me and Liam were waiting for the girls in silence. Liam finally broke the silence and said mate I know you like julie but you can't date her she's off limits. WHY CAN'T I DATE HER?i yelled. Because mate you'll just break her heart and she my sister I don't wanna have to pick sides he sighed. I calme down a bit before I spoke. Liam,mate I really like your sister she so beautiful and incredibly nice and I've never felt like this for anyone ever. I sighed. I promise to you that I you let me date her I will be the best boy fiend she ever had and I will never want to break her heart. I know I've just net her but I care about her a lot I said. I heard Liam sigh before he finally said ok I give you permission but if you hurt her I swear I will hurt you he said through gritted teeth. THANK YOU LIAM YOUR THE BEST I yelled happily and gave him a bone crushing hug. Why is Zayn so happy Julie spoke And made me jump. Aww..I'm sorry Zayny Boo she said and engilfed me in a hug. 

Julie P.O.V.


We went to forever 21 and I found a cute black dress that texted my mid thigh it was strapless and it fit my body perfect. I checked myself in the dressing room mirror and stepped out. I saw Zayn with wide eyes as he looked at me I blushed and asked how dies it look. He just starred and all he managed to say was Wow!! I blushed and looked down at my feet and asked where Liam ad ledenne cause I saw they were no where in sight. Umm they went to go et they really hit it he said with a smirk. Haha really I laughed. Yup he soar popping the "p". Ok well ima go get changed an ill be out in a bit I said. I came out and sighed in annoyance. Ugh I groaned. What's wrong?Zayn asked. It's just that Liam is supposed to buy my clothes but he isn't here I sighed. Well here let me buy that for you he said and then winked at me. I felt muscled blush and then looked down at my feet and said. Aww..Zayn thanks but I any ask you to do that for me. It's not a big deal love he said. I can't let you do that Zayn I said as I pulled out my wallet from my purse. We went to wait In line and when it was my turn the lady checked my stuff and I pulled out my money and was about to hand it go her until Zayn snatched it from my hand. Hey I said and he pulled out his wallet and payed himself then handed me the money. I have him a look an he just shrugged his shoulders and said I'll get it from Liam don't worry he smirked. I laughed and said fine but I'm gonna get my payback. We caught up to Liam and Ledenne and saw them making out. I cleared my throt and they pulled away from eachother quickly when they saw me. I just stood there tapping my foot my hand in my waist and I asked what I this? Umm..Liam started but I cut him off. Ledenne can you come here Now I almost yelled. She looked at Liam then back at me and got up. Care to explain what u just saw I said with a smirk. She laughed oh jay I though you were gonna be mad she sighed in relief. I would never be mad at you I know how you fell about my brother 


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