(Not Famous)

Julie and her BestFriend Ledenne started their first day of high school Julie's brother Liam introduces them to his bet mates Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Harry. Julie gets a crush on Zayn and Liam can sense it but Liam has known Zayn for years and he knows how he's broken girls hearts and he doesn't want that to happen to Julie so he will do anything he can to make sure she doesn't get hurt.


2. Introduce me...

Julie's P.O.V.



The bell released me for lunch and on my way I stopped at my locker an saw someone already standing by it. Hey Zayn I half shouted. Hey Jules he said while giving me a hug. I hugged him back never wanting to let go. I kinda sorta had a crush on him. I looked up as our eyes locked for a few seconds before ledenne came running and jumped on my back. Giddy up horsey she said. Get off my back u weigh a ton I joked and started giggling. She hopped off and said hey to Zayn and he asked if we were going to go eat. Yea c'mon Ledenne I said and she hopped on my back again. Please carry me Jules she pleaded. I just laughed and we then started walking towards the cafeteria. 


ledenne finally got of my back and we went to get our lunch. In the line Ledenne asked me if I liked Zayn. Umm..I don't know what you're talking about I told her. Stop lying Jules I know you like him. Then she said if you tell me the truth I will tell you who I like. I had to know who she liked so I answered her question. Yes!! I whispered. I know she shouted and we got a few stares. Ok ok now that you know who do u like?? I asked. She sighed and then she told me. 


What? How can you like Liam. My brother Liam out of everyone else in this damn school you choose Liam. I mean he's not ugly but I didn't know you lik

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