(Not Famous)

Julie and her BestFriend Ledenne started their first day of high school Julie's brother Liam introduces them to his bet mates Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Harry. Julie gets a crush on Zayn and Liam can sense it but Liam has known Zayn for years and he knows how he's broken girls hearts and he doesn't want that to happen to Julie so he will do anything he can to make sure she doesn't get hurt.


1. School

Julie's  P.O.V.


I took one last glance of myself in the mirror. Pleased with my outfit which is a  yellow flower print dress that reached my mid thigh. I got my bag and headed out the door and hopped in my brothers car. My brothers name is Liam. When we got to school I saw my best friend ledenne and we walked up to her. I started talking to her ad my brother joined our conversation. We were talking about random things. When the bell rang to go I class me and ledenne walked to class together and Liam went the other direction. Ledenne and I had the first class together so when we entered our class we sat in the middle of the class next to eachother. The teacher had the desk in groups of four and some of five. We were joined by two guys. When the bell rang the teacher told us that we will have a group project and it's is to be due in two weeks. After she explained what the project was about I turned and introduced myself. Hi my name is julie and this is my friend ledenne ,I said waving my hand. Hey,my names Zayn and this is..he was cut off by his friend who answered,I'm Niall. We talked about the project and then we got to know eachother more. I found out he's a year older than me and his friend is the same age as me. 




ok so this is my only author note I never really liked reading author notes so I'm just gonna say that I'm not gonna be doing any 

hope u liked it this is my first one and I didn't know what to write so sorry it's sooo short 


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