The Walking Dead

Basically the walking dead with a new character and a twist. If you can watch walking dead you should be old enough to read this. Love the show so decided to add a little of my part. Hope you enjoy :)


2. Without Merle

I finally reach the camp where everyone is on gaurd, looking towards the source of the noise. "Are they back?!" I asked, excitedly. Everyone suddenly turned towards me, realizing my presence. "Where the hell you been?" Shane asked. "In the woods calm down." I said, laughing. "Is that them?"

"What you think this is funny? You stayed here to help gaurd." Shane said, ignoring my question. "Yeah, well I got better things to do." I said, climbing the ladder to the RV. "Is it them?" I asked Gale, who was looking through his binoculars. "Not sure yet." Gale said. Suddenly a small red car made itself visible on the mountain. "HAH! Stolen car." Gale said loudly. "Glenn right?" I guessed. He nodded. "Where's everyone else though?" I asked.

The car finally got up to the camp, siren blarring. Suddenly everyone was crowding it and Glenn. Shane looked pist. "What the hell is wrong with you?! You tryna atract every walker in the area?!" He shouted, lifting the hood of the car. Everyone was surrounding Glenn talking and shouting and asking him things. It was kinda ridiculous how everyone worried about everyone on the mission, escpecially Amy and Andrea. I never had to worry bout Merle or Daryl, they always come out fine.

Suddenly everyone went silent and looked up at me, worry spread on their face. "What the hell ya'll lookin at?!" I shouted. They all turned back around. Shane found the right cord and pulled it and the car went silent. "Don't ever pull that again!" Shane hissed. Suddenly a large truck pulled up the hill up to camp. There were the rest of them. Everyone got outta the truck and ran over to embrace eachother. Some new guy came outta the truck. Lori and Carl ran over to him and embraced him. I guess that was his family. I jumped off the RV and waited for a minute. As soon as Merle didn't come out I walked right past Lori, Carl and the new guy to the truck. His eyes followed me as I walked to the truck, 'what the hell's he looking at?' I thought to myself. I looked in the truck for Merle, but he wasn't there, my stomach started to turn. I told myself he was fine, but I didn't believe it. "Where the hell is Merle?!" I shouted walking away from the truck. Suddenly everyone went silent. "Listen Maria...." Glenn said. "Don't tell me to listen. Tell me where Merle is!" I said. The new guy walked over to me. "Where is Merle." I demanded. He opened his mouth to talk but T-dog interupted him. "It was me." I suddenly felt rage build up inside. "What was you?" I gritted my teeth. "It's my fault he ain't comin back." He said. I couldn't hold my rage anymore. I charged. Shane jumped in front of me but I pushed him out of the way. I punched T-dog hard in the face and it knocked him on the ground. I got on top of him and continued punching him hard. Suddenly I felt the new guy and Shane grabbing me, trying to pull me off of T-dog. I violently pushed back and got them off me. I punched him one more time then rolled off and jumped to my feet and pulled my knife out of my belt.

Everyone was silently staring at me in shock. "You're lucky I stopped, cause Daryl won't, and I'm not gonna try and stop him." With that I threw the knife at the ground- blade first and stormed into the RV, everyones eyes on me.

I sat in the corner of the RV and started to cry.

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