The Walking Dead

Basically the walking dead with a new character and a twist. If you can watch walking dead you should be old enough to read this. Love the show so decided to add a little of my part. Hope you enjoy :)


4. Going Back

Maria's POV

"He's not here." Rick said, not meeting Daryls eyes. "Where the hell is he?!" Daryl yelled. "Daryl!" I shouted. He calmed down. "Where is my brother?" He asked, calmly.

Rick's POV

It was incredible how in control she was of him. All she had to do was say his name and he followed her command. It was a little disturbing.

I opened my mouth to speak but T-dog interupted. "It was me. He was handcuffed to the roof. I was gonna unlock him but I dropped the key." T-dog said.

Maria's POV

"You couldn't pick it up?!" Daryl said. I laughed. "I dropped it down the drain." He replied. "Who's the one who handcuffed my brother in the first place?" Daryl asked, knowing the answer. "It was me." Rick said. Daryl took out his knife and went after Rick. Him, Rick and Shane fought for a moment when Shane grabbed Daryl's knife, put Daryl in a headlock and put the knife to his neck. I jumped up, pulled my gun out of my belt and held it to Shane's head.

"Let him the fuck go!" I yelled. Everyone went dead silent. "Maria!" Shane shouted, giving me a look. "Don't 'Maria' me! Put. Him. Down." I said loudly. Shane didn't, he just stayed still. I felt fire rising up inside me.

Rick's POV

I moved toward her to grab her. But Shane shook his head violently. Apparently she's a lot more than I expected.

Maria's POV

"SHANE PUT HIM DOWN BEFORE I SHOOT YOU IN THE FUCKING HEAD!!" I shouted. An evil smile spread across my face, I was so posses off right now. "Shane, don't forget, Ricks back. Lori and Carl don't need you anymore, so there's no reason for me to not spill your brains all over the place right this second." I said. "Maria!" Lori shouted. That's when I realized I crossed the line. I looked over at Rick, his face confused. I sighed. "not playing, put him down." I said. With that Shane dropped him. Daryl just got up. "Just tell me where he is, so I can go get him." Daryl said. "No. I'll show you." Rick said stepping forward. "Im comin too. I ain't gettin left outta this one." I said.

Ricks POV

Daryl looked at her and nodded. He obviously didn't care much about her, letting her go on a mission like this? "Ummm, I'm not sure you should.........." she shot me a look and I just shut up. I kept tellin myself that if she died on this mission I wasn't gonna blame myself. "Hey Glenn can you come here?" I said. Glenn came over to me. "Yea." He said. "I want you to come. You know your way around the city better than I do." He shook his head nervously. "Please, I'd feel a lot safer." I begged. "Ugh fine." He said, disappointed. 

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