The Walking Dead

Basically the walking dead with a new character and a twist. If you can watch walking dead you should be old enough to read this. Love the show so decided to add a little of my part. Hope you enjoy :)


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~Intro: Hi, this is basically a different version of the walking dead, so in some parts you're aware of what's going to happen, but I might surprise you :) the new character, Maria, is strong, skinny, pretty, 17 years old, strong, mean, very tough, is tall, has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes :) enjoy.~


Ricks POV

I sat in the truck in the passenger chair. My stomach was turning over and inside out, I can't believe we left that poor man on the rooftop, like he was some kind of, some kind of animal. My worry must've shown on my face. "Don't worry about Merle, no one's gonna be too disapointed that he's gone." The man driving said. I felt a little relieved. "Except Daryl and Maria....." He finished. My stomach started to turn again. "Daryl and Maria?" I asked. "Daryl is Merle's brother. Maria might as well be related to them. They've been together since this all started. She lost her family and was wandering around hopelessely, they found her and took her in. Not to mention she's got some kinda crush on Daryl." He said. "Are they tough? Will they be like really mad? They'll understand right?" I asked, nervous. He swallowed hard. "Maria might, Daryl though....."

Maria's PIC

 One knife after the other went flying from my hands and hit each and every target on the spot, right in the middle. After a while I picked up my bow and arrow and started shooting. It was my favorite weapon. I made it myself and it worked better than a gun for me, although I was a perfect shot on both.

Usually I'd be at the camp with the others, or Daryl would be out here with me. But right now Daryl was on a camping trip and Merle was on a mission with some of the others. I'm kinda pist that Daryl left while I was sleeping so I wouldn't go, and Merle made me stay. I know I'm gonna get thesame explination as always, oh you're a girl and it's too dangerous and you're only seventeen, and we needed someone tough to stay behind and gaurd everyone, and some other stupid reasons.

All of a sudden a distant siren sound appears. It gets closer. I feel a smile creep up my face. Merle's back. I threw down my bow and arrow and hurry through the woods back to the camp.

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