Adopted by One Direction

My name is Rylie. I live in an orphanage in London. My past is a place I never want to revisit. Oh, and my favorite color is green. I never thought I would get adopted but what can I say, people can be wrong!


1. The Orphanage

I was always the odd one at the orphanage. None of the girls liked me. They were all overly obsessed about this stupid band called One Direction. Talking about how cute they were or how they love this certain member. Whenever they were talking about them and I was in the same room as them I just tuned them out until I left. I would go out and play basketball with Carter,my best friend, and his friends. They never obsessed about boy bands or talk about make-up ad girls things that I can't stand. They accepted me as I was and never pushed me to talk about my horrifying past. This is what my life was like. How it has been for the past two years. But no one could have guessed that it would change and it would change majorly. 

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