Adopted by One Direction

My name is Rylie. I live in an orphanage in London. My past is a place I never want to revisit. Oh, and my favorite color is green. I never thought I would get adopted but what can I say, people can be wrong!


2. Suprise!

"Rylie get down here! There are people here!" yelled Mrs. Cole.

         I'm not coming down. I never do because every time I do the couples just walk right past me and act like I'm not there. Downstairs I here all the girls screaming. Probably just a little spider. Might as well kill some time while everyone else is downstairs. I grab my iPod and my headphones and sing Glowing by Nikki Williams (if you haven't heard this song you should look it up on youtube). As I finish the song I look up and see five guys standing in the doorway and Mrs. Cole right behind them.

          "Wow! You're really good!" Says the one with curly hair. 

          "Not just good, you're amazing" says the blonde one. 

          "Uh, thanks. But who are you and what are you doing here?" I ask them. 

          "This is One Direction and they are here to adopt you, Rylie." Mrs. Cole says. 

          "You want to adopt me?" I ask them. 

           "Yeah, why not!" Says the one who won't stop smiling. 

            "Come on we will help you pack your stuff." Says the one with really dark hair as he refers to the one who continues to smile. "Well Louis can't because he has to sign the papers but still, we'll have five people working." 

            "Uh, ok. " I say. 

             After 30 minutes of packing we finally finish. 

             "Let's go take your new home." Says the one called Louis. 



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