Adopted by One Direction

My name is Rylie. I live in an orphanage in London. My past is a place I never want to revisit. Oh, and my favorite color is green. I never thought I would get adopted but what can I say, people can be wrong!


5. Birthday!!!


I'm so sorry about not writing! From now on I will have competitions/questions. First person to get it right will be mentioned in the next chapter!!!!! The first competition is who can guess my favorite sport(hint: there are 3)?!?  


-6 months later- 

I was sitting in the kitchen eating pancakes when I see Louis walk into the kitchen and get a glass of water.

"El still getting sick?" I ask him. 

"Yeah and she still refuses to see a doctor." Louis says without a smile. 

"Maybe the birthday party will help." I say trying to cheer him up. 

"Maybe." He says still glum. I can tell that he is getting really worried for Eleanor. She keeps telling everyone that she has the flu but something about the way she says it makes me tHink she is hiding something. 

-3 hours later-

"TIME FOR PRESENTS!!!" I yell trying to blast everyone's ears off. 

"Me first!" Harry says. In his hands is a small box wrapped in purple wrapping paper. I open 

and find my very own iPhone 5. 

"OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell. 

"No problem I thought-" Harry says but is cut off by Niall. 

"My turn!" He says and hands me a pretty big box wrapped in the same purple wrapping paper. Inside the box I find 3 1D shirts, 2 1D sweaters, 5 pairs of 1D sunglasses and at the very bottom  is an envelope to Hpgwarts phone case.

"You knew about the phone?" I ask him. 

"Uh Rylie, we all knew." said Liam. "Now it is my turn." He hands me a medium sized bag that is filled with different boxes of candy.

"Yum candy!" I say to Liam. 

"Ok well now it is our turn." Perrie says to me.

"Our, who's our?" I ask her.

"Me, Dani, and El!" She says like it was obvious. She scoots a box over to me that is twice the size of Niall's. when I open it I see that it is filled to the brim with clothes. 

"So much clothes!" I say in astonishment. 

"Well now you should have a full closet." Says Dani. 

"Ok well now it is my turn!" Says Louis. He hands me a bag that isn't closed at the top. I look in and see an adorable Border Terrier puppy. 

"She is only 4 weeks old. I checked with a vet and the owner." Louis states. Y

"She is so cute!!!" I say as I take the puppy out of the bag."I think I will name her Connor." 

"That sounds like a perfect name." Says Louis.

"Hey Connor! I'm your new mommy!" I say to my new puppy. Connor replies to me with an 'Arf!' and starts to wag her tail.

"Ok well it is my turn now." Says Zayn. "I really hope you like it." He hands me a really small box covered in a silver wrapping paper. I take off the wrapping paper and open the Box that I am now holding. Inside I find a beautiful necklace with an infinity charm.

"I love it." I say. 

"I'm really glad you do because I wasn't sure if you would or not." He says with a smile. 

"It's perfect." I tell him. 

"Ok well we should put all your stuff in your room." Says Harry. Everyone picks up a box and I pick up Connor. We get everything put away and Louis tells me that we will be getting stuff  for Connor in an hour. Shortly after that everyone starts to get out until me and Eleanor are the only ones in the room. Except for Connor of course. 

"Hey Rylie I have something to tell you." El says with a worried look on her face.

"What is it?" I ask her.

"Rylie, I'm pregnant." She says





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