love and war (a niall horan fanfic)

Olivia was Louis Tomlinsons little sister, she had a great life, amazing brother, sweet boy friend aka niall horan or at least until the boys went on tour, with niall and Louis gone will she lose everything or will things get better? read to find out.


1. the beginning of the war

Olivia's POV

"Hey, Liv" I heard Louis say from the other side of the door. I was still sobbing.

Wait let's go back to the beginning is this mess shall we.


"Olivia?"I heard Niall say as I his in Lou's room "babe where are you, me and the boys need to talk to you." I immediately jumped out of hiding and flung Lou's door open. I looked at him suspiciously "what's going on?" I asked. I was seriously scared I mean they were being quiet they are rarely quiet, great I just made myself more scared. As I walked in the room they all had sad and depressed looks on they're faces, as fear washed over me again, tears started running over my cheeks. I hadn't even been told what was going on and I was already crying. "Guys, just tell me" I begged. Louis stood up, also crying "Olivia, we're going on tour and the bus is only big enough for the five of us"he paused "Liv, I'm sorry." he went to give me a hug but I ran to my room. When I got in my room I locked the door I broke down and fell on my  bed, I was sobbing.

**flashback end**

Its two hours later and I was still crying." We, we gotta go" I heard Louis' shaky voice through the door. I slowly pushed open the door to see all the boys standing there, I wrapped my arms around them and, "goodbye" I said as the tears streamed down my face.


Hey guys I know I have one unfinished fanfic it does make me seem like a bad writer but I promise I'm not. So please don't ditch this one cause my last one.

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