love and war (a niall horan fanfic)

Olivia was Louis Tomlinsons little sister, she had a great life, amazing brother, sweet boy friend aka niall horan or at least until the boys went on tour, with niall and Louis gone will she lose everything or will things get better? read to find out.


2. lonleeeeyyyyy i am sooo lonley

 Livs pov


        I hope they feel bad, no I don't what am I saying! 

 I love them they're all my brothers well with the exception of niall that is. But I still love him! I don't know what to think they just up and left me, but I still love them I guess I just hate being alone its boring and scary to me. That's probably why Lou didn't tell me till he had to go but did that make it any better? 

NO! I just want my big brother and my boyfriend, yes my little Irish boyfriend. I just want him here with me but its too late. So in the midst of my boredom I turn on the TV and its on the channel 11, I see stuff about the guys concert last night so on instinct I turn it up. BAD IDEA! I look to see harry and some random fan liplocked, and niall in the background, hugging some chick? As they zoom in on him  what was actually happening came into view, he was kissing her!?!?!?!?! I reach for the phone and call Niall's cell. But before he could even say hello I lost it. "NIALL I THOUGHT THAT I WOULD NEVER BE ALONE EVEN IF YOU WERE ON ANOTHER PLANET! BUT NOW I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK! I TURN ON TV TO SEE YOU SUCKING FACE WITH SOME GIRL! NIALL I I can't believe you we're through." I finished, tears flowing off my cheeks. "How could he?" I whispered to my self. All day I was crying until night came and I cried myself to sleep. This was all too much.

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