Beauty and the Beast?

He's feared, no one has the courage to talk to this boy, besides his few friends. He's known as the bad boy at his school, not a bad boy, the bad boy. Everyone thought he couldn't change-well- that was until Grace Belle moved to town. Something triggers both of them and they realize, they have a connection. Grace and Harry both start hanging around one another and well, maybe that's not all so good. Harry's danger, and his life is a danger to anyone around him, especially someone he's in love with. Now he has to figure out a way to keep Grace safe, but that might not work considering, she might be in more danger than imagined. Plus what would happen if Grace and Harry both made little side romances that might mean more than you would guess.


10. Chapter 8


 Grace's P.O.V

  I got strange looks from people along the day. I guess I should get used to this type of attention being with Harry and all. I'm just going to say, I hate the attention. My mom got cancer when I was about ten years old and I spaced myself out from any social life after that. And if you ask about boyfriends... I had only ever had 2 or 3 that were very short relationships. When my mother did have cancer, I tried my best in school so I could impress her and make her proud. Hopefully she's be proud right now knowing what type of life I have now. 

   After school Will drove us home and I assume Harry went with his 'gang' somewhere. I still had to meet those boys but I think they know me better than I think. 

  "So you went to your third day of school and you've already gotten a boyfriend!" Will cheered. I smiled at him. "Would you mind if I asked who it is?" Will asked. 

  "Harry Styles," once I spoke Will just went mute. 

    "Him? The guy who randomly beats up people? The guy who could kill you? What the actual fuck, Grace?" Will cussed. 

   "He doesn't randomly beat up people and he wouldn't kill me, and watch the language, I'm still a minor, Mr. 18 year old," I said playfully punching his shoulder. 

  "Grace, I'm serious, he's trouble," 

   "You don't know him, Will," I countered. 

   "Do you?" Will asked pulling into the driveway. 

  "I know more than you think," I said getting out of the car. I was furious right now, Will didn't know about how Harry lives or what he's been through. And as a matter if fact, he never will. Harry hasn't told anyone and judging by how he was treated, Dylan hasn't either. I walked up to my room and put my headphones in my phone and just started listening to music. I started listening to 'Mirrors' by Justin Timberlake. I don't actually listen to much music at all, it was never a hobby I cared about. But this was a good song, it wasn't my favourite but, it wasn't bad. I laid back in my bed and felt my eyes slowly get heavy. Then I was asleep. 

 I felt a presence over my body. It was either Will or my dad. I had a feeling that by their breathing pattern, it was my dad. 

  "Grace, I know you're up," my dad cooed. "Wake up," he said sternly. I groaned and tried to lift my eyelids. I groaned once more. "Your boyfriend and his family are here," my eyes shot up. 

  "What? Why?" 

  "Will told me about your boyfriend and his reputation and I thought we should meet him and his parents so I invited them over for now, they're down stairs, come one," my dad said grabbing my hand. I took it and followed him down stairs. 

  "Grace, this is James and Jillian, Harry's parents," Will said from the living room. 

  "Nice meeting you," I said shaking both of Harry's parents hands. This was going to be interesting. 

  When Harry and his parents left I was surprised to say that they were really kind and pleasant. Harry had said to me that he was coming over for another late night visit. I took a shower and put on the same clothes and hair style I had on the previous night. I pulled a chair out onto my balcony to wist for Harry. When he saw me he smirked like he was proud of himself since I was waiting. As soon as I was in his reach he wrapped his arms around my body. 

  "I hate to say this but your parents made a pretty good fake great first impression," I said taking in a breathe of his scent. He smelled of cologne and that home scent everyone carried. He smelled good. 

  "That's the thing, they aren't my parents," Harry said pulling me into my room. 

  "Who are they, then?" I asked. 

 "My aunt and uncle. They're the only family who've generally ever cared about me,"

   "I love them already," I said starting to play with his curly hair. He seemed to like it. 

  "You should, they're pretty much the only family I've ever had," he stopped. "They stayed after the first family reunion I went to with bruises, everyone else got scared and ran off. They're the only parents I have and ever since they're son died, I have been their only child,"

  "And that's why you asked them to come here tonight because you wanted me to meet your family," I said. He nodded, I swear I could see tears in his eyes. 

  "You've got it," he said lightly chuckling. 

     "You know, when my mom died, my grandparents from her side stopped calling and contacting us in anyway possible, along with her sister. I mean after such an event, I can't blame them. I guess they just couldn't bare the pain of talking to their daughters own family. It's not something you'll ever get through when you're reminded of the pain," I said on the verge of tears. Harry cupped my chin and made me face him. 

 "Don't cry, you look prettier when you don't cry," Harry said causing me to smile. 

   "You have charm don't you, Styles?" I asked. He smiled showing off his dimples. We chatted for a while more, just talking. All my other boyfriends just wanted to sleep with me, I rejected of course which is why the relationships ended so quickly. After talking for a while, I brought my lips closer to Harry's until we were full on kissing. Other than yesterday, this was my first real kiss. I wanted more. I did, but at the same time I didn't. I tugged at the hem of Harry's shirt until I saw the bruise on his hip bone. 

  "Oh Harry, it's gotten worse," 

  "I know, probably not the best thing to look at," Harry said. 

  "It's not that," 

  "So you're saying you don't want to sleep with me? Or you don't want to sleep on me when I'm covered in bruises?" 

  "No, I want to sleep with you but, just not tonight, and even if it was tonight, your bruises wouldn't get in the way, you're perfect," I said softly placing my hand on his hip. 

  Good because when you do decide you're ready, you'll be seeing a lot of them," Harry said. 

  "And I'll love them," I said hugging him. When I hugged him I looked outside of my screen door to rustling bushes. There was no wind. Nothing natural was making this happen. Harry and I were being watched. By who? 



 Hi! How are you! I'm great! I'm over the moon! I just wanted to let you know, the contest end on Saturday! Then I'll be writing all if you guys' info down and passing them through my sister, and friends. I suck at choosing people by myself. You're all qualified for different characters and it kills me that there are not enough :'( but like I said, keep an eye out for contests in the future! Keep submitting yourself if you are looking to be in the story and remember, hair colour, eye colour, personality, other info if you are comfortable with giving, and most importantly your name and role! I've read every single entry and I'll keep reading them! Have a nice day/afternoon/evening for wherever you live. 




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