Beauty and the Beast?

He's feared, no one has the courage to talk to this boy, besides his few friends. He's known as the bad boy at his school, not a bad boy, the bad boy. Everyone thought he couldn't change-well- that was until Grace Belle moved to town. Something triggers both of them and they realize, they have a connection. Grace and Harry both start hanging around one another and well, maybe that's not all so good. Harry's danger, and his life is a danger to anyone around him, especially someone he's in love with. Now he has to figure out a way to keep Grace safe, but that might not work considering, she might be in more danger than imagined. Plus what would happen if Grace and Harry both made little side romances that might mean more than you would guess.


25. Chapter 21


  ~Grace's P.O.V~

   I woke up just in bed covers. I was alone. I smiled at myself just remembering what happened with Harry and I bit my lip. I laughed at myself and got up from the bed and put on a shirt that Harry left for me to wear. I didn't actually pack any other clothes because I was rushed to leave the house after the Dylan thing. Shit. Dylan was still out to get me. I sighed and shrugged it off, I was far too happy to let anything get in the way of my day. I put on the shirt which reached at my mid-thigh which was enough to cover the necessary parts of my body. No way could I leave town with Maya and Perrie now, things have just gotten better, who knew one night could help make such a big position? I sure didn't. I turned to make the bed when I heard footsteps.

  "Have fun last night?" the voice got closer and closer until I felt arms wrap around my waist. I cringed from the pain from the bruises but I didn't complain. Harry kissed my neck all the way up to my cheek while I just sighed.

 "What fun?" I joked. Harry pushed me onto the bed so that I was giggling like a maniac.

  "Would you like me to show you again?" Harry asked hovering over me. I smiled at him.

  "I would but people are actually awake and I'm starving for food," I said. Harry nodded in agreement and reached down to kiss me. He smirked at me when he pulled away and lifted me up from the bed and we walked into the kitchen. Alyssa gave me dirty looks while Mariah just looked sad considering I slept with the guy she most probably likes. I sat on a chair at the table when Luke walked in with a drooped face. He sat next to me and ate his cereal in piece.

  "What's wrong?" I asked him. Luke dropped his spoon. He turned his head to face me.

  "Telling me you love me and then go and sleep with Harry? I guess I should be over the moon," Luke said getting up from the table. Harry walked over obviously unhappy about the tone Luke used with me.

  "What's going on?" Harry asked with the voice of authority. The whole room went silent, and everyone looked over at us.

  "I don't know, you seeing a girl you weren't even paying attention to and then sleeping with her because she kissed another girl, that's what's going on," Luke said catching me completely by surprise.

  "Well she is my girlfriend," Harry said.

  "Yeah, of course. Once you get a girlfriend you're just entitled to owning her," Luke said before walking out of the room. I sat wide opened, yes, Luke managed to ruin my day. I wasn't mad at him, I would be pretty ticked off if I were him. I saw Perrie and Maya eyeing my in disappointment knowing I was most probably staying. I finished my breakfast feeling nothing but guilt. I raced to my room as I heard my phone ring on my way to take a shower. It was Will.

 "Hello?" I said.

  "Where are you? Dad and I just got home a couple hours ago and I figured I'd see you at school but I don't see you anywhere," Will said.

  "Well, I was throwing up this morning so Perrie took me to her house, I didn't know when you guys would be back," I said.

  "Okay, I'll pick you up after school,"

  "No! I'm really contagious and I'll give you the bug, you don't need that with that biology quiz coming up," I said.

  "Are you sure that you're alright, Grace?" Will asked generally being worried. I hated lying to him but it was the only way.

  "I'm fine, I'll call you when it's safe to pick me up, okay?"

  "Okay, take care, Grace," Will said hanging up the phone. I jumped into the shower and put on the same shirt Harry gave me with a pair of jeans Eleanor borrowed me. I sat on the couch reading all day and watching TV. There wasn't much to do really, nothing whatsoever. I guess I'm not really built for life like this. I wasn't a person who would lie to their family nor was I ever a person to just sneak of with their friends and hook up with their boyfriend. I'm still not so glad with it either but, that's what I get for spending so much time worrying about my mother. Who would? I sat up from my spot and saw that it was 9:00pm, I decided that I might as well go to sleep. There was nothing to stay up for. I walked towards my room when I passed Mariah and Alyssa's room I heard Mariah talking but-no Alyssa.

  "She means nothing, you know? Grace is just another girl that I could never love, not as much as you, I love you, Mariah," Harry? I peaked my head through the crack of the door that was open and saw that Harry was almost completely pressed against Mariah. "Grace could never compare to you, you're the only girl I could ever look at, I'm just with her to make her look bad, I don't love her," he then caressed up her body through every curve and her eyes followed his hands until he cupped her chin. "I love you," then he kissed her. My heart broke into a million pieces, probably more. I stepped back away from the door and went to my room. I cried for at least an hour until Perrie came knocking on my door.

  "What's wrong? I heard you weeping from the corridor," Perrie said sitting at the edge of the bed. I looked at her and wiped my tears.

  "Harry doesn't love me," I said through choked tears.

  "Of course he loves you, you know that," Perrie said rubbing my back. I swallowed past the lump in my throat.

  "I heard him say it himself, he kissed Mariah," I said wiping away another tear. Perrie pulled me into a hug and I controlled myself and stood up. Perrie followed. She looked at me in a serious matter and I sucked in a deep breathe. I knew what I had to do. "We leave as soon as everyone is asleep, let Maya know," I said straightening out the creases in my jeans. Perrie nodded and put on a deeply curved smile. I took the outfit that I had on to come here and slowly folded them. I would leave in that. I spent the rest of the night 'reading' in the living room until the last person announced they would be going to sleep. Perrie and Maya stayed in the living room alongside me as we waited for the final light to be switched off. 'Lets go' I mouthed. Perrie and Maya nodded and we walked out to the car. I sat in the passenger seat, Perrie in the driver seat and Maya in the back.

  "Make all the calls you need now, we'll have to change our numbers," Perrie said as she pulled out of the area she was parked in. I pulled out my phone and dialled my house number.

  "Hello?" Will said groggy, it was pretty late. Pushing 1:00am really. I gulped down my nausea. This wasn't going to be easy whatsoever.

  "Hey, Will, it's me," I said. I heard Will gasp and I imagined that he was smiling knowing I called him.

   "Do you need me to come pick you up right now? Where does Perrie live?"

  "No, Will. I'm calling just to tell you that I'm not coming home, I'm leaving Foster," I said straining every bit of weakness I had. This killed me. Will laughed.

  "Nice joke now, what's the address?" he said.

  "Will, I'm not going back, I can't go back," I said. I saw that Maya and Perrie were listening intensely.

  "You aren't joking, are you?" Will asked. The smile I imagined would've been gone by this point. "Grace, please, just tell me what dad and I can do to fix it just please, don't leave,"

    "I'm sorry, Will. Goodbye," I said before hanging up the phone. I felt a pang in my chest. That was the last time I would talk to my brother. The three of us stayed quiet until Perrie reached the main highway. Perrie looked at Maya and I as she stopped in front of two road paths.

  "Where do we go?" she asked. I picked up my phone once again and dialled a number I would always know for sure.

  "Hello?" a woman said.

  "Hi, Nana," it was my grandmother from my mothers side. It had been over a year since I had spoken to her.

  "Grace? Is that you?" she asked. She sounded happy to hear me.

  "Yes, its me," I said and I smiled just at how excited she sounded.

  "I'm sorry I haven't called in a while! How's Foster?" she asked.

  "It's fine and I'm leaving Foster, do you mind if I stay with you?" I asked.

  "Of course! I always have space for you, your father, and Will," she said ever so happily.

  "Well that's the thing, I'm leaving Foster. Will and dad are staying and that's why you can't tell them that I'm coming," I said. I could just hear how my grandmother stiffened. "I'll explain when I get there it's just, things are really tough right now,"

  "Alright, you better have a good explanation, Grace."

 "You will, I'll see you soon. Goodbye, Nana," I said before hanging up the phone. "New York,"

  "What?" Perrie and Maya said in sync.

  "That's where we're going," I said. Perrie and Maya smiled at each other.

  "New York it is," Perrie said before driving off. Then we left everything behind and hopefully we would never have to look back.


  You people probably hate me by now judging by how you showed your affection towards this story. I'm sorry, I had to do this. I don't know if I'll post the sequel tonight or tomorrow.... It'll most probably be tonight but... Thanks for helping me into getting this story on the first page for most popular this month. It feels like a really big accomplishment... That's no joke..... Either way, when you look for the story make sure (Only if you want) to like and favourite it please? I really hate asking people to do that but... I wanna see where it'll go.. So yeah. And I can't believe I forgot this but, when you look for the sequel it's going to be called 'The Beastly Beauty'. I'm confident that it'll be good so, yeah! Have a nice day, afternoon, or night where ever you are!


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