Beauty and the Beast?

He's feared, no one has the courage to talk to this boy, besides his few friends. He's known as the bad boy at his school, not a bad boy, the bad boy. Everyone thought he couldn't change-well- that was until Grace Belle moved to town. Something triggers both of them and they realize, they have a connection. Grace and Harry both start hanging around one another and well, maybe that's not all so good. Harry's danger, and his life is a danger to anyone around him, especially someone he's in love with. Now he has to figure out a way to keep Grace safe, but that might not work considering, she might be in more danger than imagined. Plus what would happen if Grace and Harry both made little side romances that might mean more than you would guess.


24. Chapter 20


  ~Grace's P.O.V~

  "You might love me?" I asked. Luke grumbled a 'Hmmm' confirming himself. I sat down on my bed and thought. Do I like Luke back? Of course not! I'm with Harry, who didn't say he loved me back.... I shook my head and faced Luke who seemed pretty awkward. I got up and sighed, I looked Luke in the eyes. His blue eyes shone through and they made me melt in a way. "Let me take a shower and we'll talk," I  whispered. Luke smiled down at his feet and chuckled.

  "Put on day clothes, you can't sleep tonight, we're driving a few hours away," Luke said. I nodded and walked over to my dresser. I took a pair of skinny jeans, a button up top and a caramel colour blazer. I didn't want to look weak walking out of town, I wanted to look like I didn't have a bother in the world, and that's exactly what I was going to do. I took my shower then got dressed. I curled the tips of my hair in five minutes and put on a layer of lip gloss. Luke and I walked down into the living room where I saw that the girls had used the same idea I had, excpet they all had dresses on. Mariah and Eleanor both had baige coloured dresses but with different designs. Perrie and Erika were wearing a black summer dress which went well with their lipstick shades. Alyssa and Noel both had navy blue ones on that made them seem safisticated in a casual way. I turned to Harry who took my hand.

  "Lets go," he said and everyone walked out the door. Perrie, Zayn, Luke, Harry, and I were in one car. Perrie drove since it was actuall her own vehicle and I sat in the passanger seat.

  "Can I bring a friend?" I asked Harry. I was acting more serious than I needed to, but that was the only way I could get my way.

  "Who?" Harry and Luke asked in sync.

  "Maya," I said rubbing my lips together as I spread the lip gloss around. Harry thought for a moment.

  "Alright, did you already ask her?" Harry said.

  "We did," Perrie said pulling up in front of Maya's house. Maya stood in the drive way wearing and orangy dress and a grey hoodie. She was obviously cold, snow piles were everywhere. Maya shivered but walked over. Harry, Luke, and Zayn squished together. I got a message from Eleanor:

 From: Eleanor Calder

  What are we doing here? Isn't that Maya Canning?

 From: Me

 Yes, it is. Perrie and I thought that we would bring her along.

 From: Eleanor Calder


  I didn't respond as we began driving. Maya looked worse than she did on Friday. Her eyes were red and she looked puffy. I didn't like it.


  By the time we arrived at the hidden cabin, it was 1:30am. Nobody was really tired. Luke pulled me into a room with low lighting, it seemed pretty romantic. We had left Harry and Mariah flirting away. I was extremely jealous, that was no lie. But, I'm not going to lie again by saying, things didn't feel wrong around Luke. I stood up facing him.

  "We still need to talk," Luke said looping his hands with mine. I smiled at him.

  "About what?" I teased. Luke chuckled.

  "About earlier," Luke said playing  with my fingers.

  "What about earlier?" I teased again. Luke picked me up and threw me on the bed in the room. I started laughing. "The love thing you mean?"

  "Yes, the love thing," Luke said helping me up from the bed.

  "Well, let me ask you, why do you love me?" I asked facing him up close once again. Luke cleared his throat.

  "Are you really going to make me sound like the 15 year old teenage girl I think like when you're around?"Luke asked. I laughed again.

  "Yes. Unless you're a 15 year old teenage girl, I'll just kiss you directly then," I joked. Luke nodded his head.

 "Well when you're around, I see nothing but fireworks, you're eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen and it's you. You make me feel like nothing else matters to me, you're beautiful, smart, kind, and you've been through far too much," Luke said. I cleared my throat and looked straight into his eyes. Whenever I looked into Harry's eyes it felt like I was staring into a night sky with stars everywhere. It was dark but beautiful. Now, I look into Luke's eyes I see, a day time sky. It's bright and welcoming, it's hypnotizing. Beautiful but dark. There was a difference. I pulld the collar on Luke's shirt and pulled him closer to me. I had him so close that our lips were barely apart. Then I did it. I kissed him. Luke tasted like fruit in a way, I liked it. Our tongues swirled together and battled for dominance. We both pulled away when we needed a breathe of air.

  "I love you but-" I began.

  "You love Harry as well," Luke said turning his head to face his feet.

  "If it helps, he doesn't feel the same for me so I'm re-considering." I said stroking his. Luke put his hand over mine and embraced the moment.

  "Well, lets go back out into the living room," Luke said. I nodded and we left the room. Once we made it out there only Perrie and Maya sat on the couch, everyone else was gone.

  "Hey," I said waving.

  "I think I'll go to my room now," Luke said walking away. I nodded and sat down on the couch with Perrie and Maya.

 "Where did everyone go?" I asked.

  "To their rooms, Zayn's waitng for me to go, too," Perrie said. Everyone had to share a room with someone, Alyssa was sharing with Mariah, Noel was sharing with Maya. And no one had to share with Luke. I was with Harry, not by my choice either.

  "You don't sound happy," I said to Perrie. "And you don't look happy," I said to Maya.

  "And you don't sound or look happy," Maya said. I nodded.

  "That's because I'm neither," I admitted.

 "I can say the same," Perrie muttered.

  "Me, too," Maya agreed. "I hate to say this but, after the story about Dylan and kidnapping and all of that, it looks like theres nothing left for us here, why are we even bothering to try?" Maya asked. Perrie and I shrugged knowing she was right.

  "Maybe we should all just leave instead of fighting fire with fire, lets let it burn," Perrie said. Perrie shot up in an instant. "Lets actually do it!' She screamed silently. "I don't want Zayn to die because of my father, you don't want to see Harry with Mariah, and you don't have anything left for you here,"

 "Lets do it," Maya said. "I want to leave. Grace? Do you want to?" I thought about it for a second. Maybe I should, everything would be better if I just left... I wouldn't get so jealous with Harry and Mariah... I wouldn't have to face Luke everyday... It was perfect.

  "I'll get back to you in the morning," I said. Perrie and Maya nodded.

  "If you don't go, we don't go," Maya said and Perrie nodded in agreement. I got up and walked to mine and Harry's room. He stood there sitting on the edge just waiting for me.

  "You kissed him," Harry confronted. "You kissed Luke," he said more to himself then to me. I swallowed back my tears and looked down at my feet. "Why?"

  "B-because I-I," I couldn't even finish my sentence. I didn't exactly know why I did it. Of course he would've known about the part where I wanted to see if the kiss meant something, which it did but, there is always another reason.

  "Because you what?"

  "Because I wanted to see what it would be like to be kissed by someone who doesn't always look at another woman," I said. Harry got up and walked towards me. he placed his hand on my and pulled me into a kiss, soon enough the kiss got heated and Harry started unbuttoning my top but then pulled away.

  "Do you want me to show you that you're my world?" Harry asked. I nodded and kissed him again. Soom enough we were both in the bed. Harry's lips grazed every single bit of exposed skin that was bruised. He was amazing, sensational even. I don't think that I could ever forget this night.

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