Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


18. wow!

Louis' POV:

we were all going to this little diner for lunch. "ok i called the diner and let them know we are coming" liam said walking in the room. "come on guys we got to go" he screamed up the stairs. we all ran out side and got in the car.


we all walked into this little fancy diner and took are seats at a table near the back of the room. the waitress come and took are order. as i was looking around the diner someone caught my eye. it was a girl that looked to be around my age. she had beautiful blue eyes and brown hair with soft curls. she was serving tea to the table next to us. harry noticed me staring at her so he got up and bumped in to her causing her to spill tea all over my shirt. "oh my im so sorry i didnt mean it oh my gosh um.." she started but i cut her off "its ok ummm.... may i ask what your name is" "justice sophie stuart" she said nervously and bowed "louis William Tomlinson" i said with a small smile. she turned and grabbed a towel then bent down an started dabbing at the stain. i pushed her head up using my finger so i was looking into her amazing blue eyes "hahah ill get it out love" i said with a laugh. she stood up "oh well if it doesnt come out call me ill take it to the cleaners" she said writing down her number and handing me it. she turned around and walked back to the kitchen without looking back. "your welcome" harry smirked. "oh shut up hazz you could have done it with out embarrassing her" i said back while putting her number in my pocket.

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