Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


9. the park

Claire POV:

"im going to swing and slide and climb and swing and make friends and swing..." i went on and on "you already said your going to swing." louis said annoyed. i opened the front door to leave and was stopped by a lady holding a little bolnde haired girl.

"well hello there" she said looking down at me. "Hello" i replyed "lou, what are you doing here?" liam asked from behind me. "Well i wanted to meet claire" "oh well were just leaving now to go to the park.  would you and lux like to join us?" "sounds fun. we would love to join you"

we all got in the car and started to head to the park. "so claire, how old are you?" lou asked "im 7" "wow! 7?! thats a big number" she said in an over excited tone. "mumumumumumumum" lux repeated "luxluxluxluxluxlux" she replyed causing lux to giggle.

we finally arrived at the park. me and louis jumped out of the car and ran to the swings. "PUSH ME PLEASE" i squealed. "kick your feet" "NO I WANT YOU TO PUSH ME" "fine" he said giving up on the argument. a girl that looked to be my age long blonde hair walked over tords me. "can i use this swing?" she asked pointing to the empty swing next to me. "sure" "thank you. my names madison whats yours?" "im claire" "well whos this?" niall asked walking over to us. "this is madison shes my new friend" "well hello madison. im  niall claires father." she squealed and ran to her mom.

5 minutes later she was dragging her mom over tords us. "hi im emily, madisons mom" she said holding her hand out to niall. "hello im niall, claires dad" he replyed shaking her hand. "hi claire" she said looking at me. "me and madison have to go but were coming back tomorrow" she said looking at niall "maybe you two could meet us here and we can get to know each other" she offer. "that sounds great, see you tomorrow" niall replyed.

"hey claire bear, want to go get lunch and head home" he asked "yes lets go" we got the rest of the boys and started to head to the car. "daddy i forgot my doll, im going to go get it stay here" i yelled running back to the swings. i picked up my doll and started to walk back to the car when someone grabbed me from behind.

Zayn POV:

we were all in the car waiting for claire to come back. "its been 5 minutes where is she?" niall asked "i dont know ill go look for her" i replyed. i got out of the car and walked over to the swings where she said she left the doll. it wasnt there and neither was she. i started to walk back to the car to get the boys to help me find her when i tripped over something. i noticed it was her doll then i heard a scream that sounded like claires. i looked up and saw a guy throwing claire into the back seat of his car and driving way. i took off running back to the car.


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