Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


7. the first note

*after the concert*

Claire POV:

we all walked back to the dressing room. "Claire you did great!" zayn said while picking me up and tossing me in the air. i noticed a note on the dressing room door "uncle zayn, whats that?" i asked pointing at the note. he set me down and grabbed the note off the door. as he looked at it his eyes grew wide "GUYS COME LOOK AT THIS!" he screamed and the boys came running.

zayn POV:

I was tossing Claire in the air. "uncle zayn, whats that?" she asked pointing at something hanging on are dressing room door. i set her down walking over to the door taking the note off it.

                you guys better injoy the time you have with her! it wont last much longer.

"GUYS COME LOOK AT THIS!" i screamed. the boys came running. "what is it?" liam asked. "read this" i handed him the note. he read it then passed it to the others. "w-what does it mean?" niall studderd with tears in his eyes "i dont know..."

Niall POV:

ugh! what did that note mean? is someone trying to get my daughter? or is are the boys trying to pull a prank on me? i cant even think straight.

after we all go changed we got in the car and started to head home. 5 minutes after putting Claire in her car seat she fell asleep. she looked so calm and peaceful. we finally got home. the car ride was really long and quiet. i guess everyone was worn out from the concert.

i got claire out of her car seat and carried her insided lying her in her bed. i kissed her forhead and turned out the lights before heading to my room

"Niall, are you ok?" zayn asked from behind me. "yeah why?" "you just seem alittle off. are you sure your ok?" "positive"


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