Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


27. Birthday

2 years later!


Nialls POV:

"ugh this place is a mess" Liam complained walking into the living room. "so who is coming over" harry smirked. "oh... um... er... a friend?" Liam blushed and scratched the back of his head. "a friend is it?" harry raised an eyebrow crossing his arms. "umm... yeah" Liam replyed unsure. "so whats your friends name? is she pretty?" harry protested standing up in front of liam. "her names Susan" he replyed blushing bright red. "you like her don't you?" harry grew a bigger smirk. "what are you trying to get to curls?" liam asked raising an eyebrow. "nothing... nothing at all" harry replyed backing out of the room slowly.

"what was that all about?" I asked getting up and picking up some of Claire and Lux's dolls. "I have no clue" liam replyed folding the blankets and putting them of the back of the sofa. "DADDY!" I heard Claire scream from upstairs. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH DADDY" I ran upstairs and in to Claire and luxs room to see her and lux jumping on the bed screaming.

"what is it? whats wrong" I asked. "THERES A MONSTER IN THE CLOSET UNCLE NIALL!" lux screamed jumping off the bed and into my arms. "a monster? how do you know its a monster?" "BECAUSE IT WAS MAKING SCRATCHY NOISES LIKE THIS" Claire screamed running over to her bedroom door and scratching it. "well lets go look at this monster" I said walking over to the closet door and opening it. out come 2 little white ragdoll kittens with pink bows on them and a little card attached to the bows.

"KITTIE" lux and Claire screamed running over to the kittens and picking them up. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" harry and Naya yelled coming in the room. Claire and Lux have the same birthday. "tank you uncle Harry and Aunt Naya!" both the girls cheered.

"ok little princesses lets go get you ready for your birthday party!" Naya cheered grabbing the girls hands and leading them into lou's room.

Lou's POV:

"ok princesses come sit in these chairs" I said pointing to the 2 pink chairs I had sitting in front of my vanity. Naya and Hannah curled lux and claires hair while I did there make up. "we got there dresses!" Perrie and Jade screamed walking in holding 2 dresses. claires was hot pink and faded into a baby pink and it was covered in sparkles. Lux's was a drak purple that faded into a light purple also covered in sparkles. both of the dresses had skirts that puffed out. Claire and Lux ran to perrie and jabe to get dressed. I picked up both the girls kittens. I put a hot pink bow on claires kitten and a purple bow on lux's.

"aww you to look so pretty!" I cheered opening my bedroom door. "now lets get the 2 birthday girls to there party"

Nialls POV:

we just finish decorating for Claire and lux's birthday. there were pink and purple balloons everywhere. there were pink and purple rubber ducks in the pool that lit up at night. well we had everything pink and purple.

Claire and Lux came running out of the house dressed as little princesses. "Niall? you ok?" Louis asked. looking at me worried. "Daddy? why are you crying?" Claire asked hugging me. I didn't even realize I was crying. "Yeah im fine. just a little over joy" "ok" Louis said before running off to go talk to the guests.

"you look like a princess. a cute princess" "tank you daddy" Claire smiled. "ok now go injoy your party princess" Claire ran off to go find lux so I went to go find Hannah.

I finally found her sitting on the edge of the pool dangling her feet in. I walked over and sat next to her rapping my arms around her waist. she laid her head on my shoulder staring at the ducks lighting up the pool in the darkness of the night. "is everything ok?" I asked her. she said quiet for a minute before answering. "yeah everything is fine"

*after the party*

every one left except for perrie, Hannah, Naya, and liams 'friend' susan. Claire and lux were asleep, liam and susan were up in liams room and I don't know where or what the others were doing. I was out side trying to get all the ducks out of the pool when I was suddenly pushed in. "hey!" I yelled turning to see Hannah with a smile from ear to ear. "why don't you join me?" she thought for a minute then jumped in next to me! I grabbed her around the waist pulling her close to me while smashing my lips on to hers.


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