Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


8. a day off

Claire POV:

"CLAIRE, WAKE UP AND GET DOWN HERE BEFORE I EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!" i hear niall scream. "UNCLE HARRY" i yell and he comes running. "CLAIRE WHATS WRONG? ARE YOU OK?" he said in a panic. "nothing is wrong, i just dont want to walk please carry me" i say sticking my bottom lip out and flittering my eyes. "you need some work on that puppy dog face of yours" he chuckles picking me up and carrying me down stairs.

"DONT TOUCH MY FOOD DADDY!" i yell "well what if i do" he asking walking over and pinching my cheek. "i will put you in the oven and cook you like a pizza" i say crossing my arms. "well if you dont want me to eat your breakfast then you better go eat it" he points to the table.

i walk over to the table and push zayns breakfast away from him and push mine infront of him then climb up into his lap "hey, i wasnt done with that" he pouts "yes you were" i protest back "no" "yes" "no" "yes you were!" i whimper know thats his weakness. "fine you win" he says hugging me. i hug him back then return to eating.

"ok todays are day off, what do you guys wanna do?" liam asked walking into the room. "i want to go to a park" i said. "ok everybody go get ready then we can go to the park". louis jumped up sending his chair tumbling behind him. he picked up his chair and ran to his room. "well someones excited" i say with a giggle. "come on babe lets got get you ready" zayn said picking me up and carring me to my room.

he set me on my bed and walked to my closet pulling out a pink skirt and pink poka-dotted shirt and handed it to me. i ran to the bathroom and got changed. when i was done i went back into my room and sat infront of him handing him a brush an rubber band. he put my hair into a little pony tail and we walked back down stairs.

"well look at you" niall said picking me up. "arent you a cutie" he said. i giggled and hugged him. "now put me down daddy you are ruinning my skirt" he set me down and brushed off my skirt. "has someone been hanging around uncle louis to much?." he said putting his hands on his hips. i just smiled and walked away to louis room.

"HURRY UP OR WE ARE LEAVING WITH OUT YOU" i screamed. "IM COMMING IM COMMING" he yelled back swing the door open and running down the hall. "HEY WAIT FOR ME!" i yelled chasing after him.

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