Psychic - I Know

Saskia Walden isn't a freak. She's just...a human thought machine. Does it really matter that Saskia has just become a psychic? Of course not. Apart from the fact that she can't control when a vision will come along. Or whether it will effect herself, or anyone around her. See, nothing freaky at all.

Written by TazmaniaGirl.


5. 5

Saskia wasn't sure what to do now that she was out of the house, and in the school building. She wanted to avoid June, she knew that was the best option, but every time she made her way to a lesson, June was at the other end of the corridor. Or, in her class. She was lucky not to sit next to her in a few, but it wasn't like she could avoid June forever.

'Sas, what's your problem?'

June grabbed Saskia's arm, and spun her round so she could look her in the eye. Saskia cracked under eye pressure. She had to look away...

'Saskia, God!'

Saskia could feel heat prickle on her cheeks and forehead. She knew she was going red as June was attracting attention. She was NOT telling June anything. She'd call Saskia crazy!

'Is there something you can't tell me?'

When Saskia failed to reply, June nodded her head as if she knew everything. Then she began to walk. Saskia hurried after her, but she had no idea why.

'So now your following me?'

'Look, June, I...I...'

Saskia jumped as June stopped right before a staircase. The staircase. The one where...Oh. Oh good God. Saskia couldn't stop herself lifting her hands to cup around her mouth in a surprised motion. The...No. The daydream wasn't a daydream. It was a vi...-

'Saskia, I've had enough of this! What is it that you can't tell me?'

NO! This wasn't good. It was coming true! The...the vision was a sign! It meant Saskia had to stop June from falling, she was sure of it...

'Fine, don't say anything. I'll find out my...-'

June wobbled. Saskia reached out as best she could without falling herself, but she was too late. The thudding felt like it wouldn't end, and the drumming blood in her ears pounded loud and hard. Saskia watched as June bashed her head against the wall at the bottom.

Instead of rushing to June's side, she looked through the crowd, and noticed a boy watching from the balcony a few metres away. He looked wide eyed, in terror. There was something about him...was he the one who pushed June? No, he couldn't boy. He looked exactly as everyone else did. Shocked, terrified. Confused, maybe.

Saskia jumped.

June! June needed medical attention. SERIOUS medical attention. And, if the first vision had come true, it meant the second one would too. Saskia raced down the stairs, jumping over the books that had slid out of her bag. Teachers had rushed out from classrooms.

This was bad. So bad. And in so many ways.






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