Psychic - I Know

Saskia Walden isn't a freak. She's just...a human thought machine. Does it really matter that Saskia has just become a psychic? Of course not. Apart from the fact that she can't control when a vision will come along. Or whether it will effect herself, or anyone around her. See, nothing freaky at all.

Written by TazmaniaGirl.


2. 2

Saskia woke up in an uncomfortable hospital bed, with a tightly tucked sheet pulled right up to her chin. In a struggle, she pushed back the sheet and sat up. Someone stirred in the blue cotton seat beside the bed. Her mum?

'Sas, your awake. Are you alright honey?'

Saskia rubbed at her eyes and yawned. Then she nodded as a reply. Why was she here, anyway? Was it her leg? Her arm? Her kn... Oh. Oh, ouch. It was her head.

'Maybe I should get a doctor to check up on you.'

Her mum left the chair, stretched quickly, and walked out of the room. She watched through the glass window as her mum spoke to someone with a loose ponytail and a clip board. She was about to lay back down, but a thought struck her mind. Had something really bad happened? Had she passed out, or fallen asleep?

Heels clacked against the linoleum floor. When Saskia looked up, the nurse cocked her head, and then wrote something briefly on the board, then settled it down in the seat her mum had occupied only a few moments before.  She spoke something aloud, Saskia was sure it was a question, but she couldn't hear. She was too deep in her thoughts to listen.

An impatient cough, and only then was it that Saskia looked up. She felt the strong urge to sigh and climb out of the bed, but it wasn't the right time. Instead, she asked 'Pardon? Can you repeat that please?'

'How are you feeling?'

Saskia didn't really have to think hard. 'My head really hurts' she blurted, and looked to her mother for any signs of disappointment. Her mum was tough on her, and told her usually to get on with things without fuss. Even if it meant lying to the doctors, so she could be sent home. Her mum's eyes weren't gleaming, but they looked average. That meant her mum was probably okay about it.

'Okay, well I'd like to check up on it. If that's okay with you?'

Saskia nodded, and the nurse ordered her to get out of the bed, and she moved the clipboard so Saskia could take a seat. First the nurse checked for any obvious injury. Then she asked Saskia a few questions about herself, just to see if there was any sign on amnesia, or concussion. Saskia had to try to think really hard for a few of the questions. She knew she had a bit of amnesia, but she tried not to show it.

'I think were finished. We'd like to keep a check on you, so I think you should spend today and tomorrow off school so I can make sure you can recover properly and don't work your brain to hard as it can stress the parts that are trying hard to remember and process everything that's happened' she explained, then wrote something on the flapping white paper of the clipboard. She smiled down at Saskia, then asked her mother if she could speak to her outside of the room, and see if there were any questions she needed to ask. Saskia knew she'd have plenty to say about that.

'Sit tight, Sas. I'll be back in a moment.'

Her mum followed the small lady out of the room, and Saskia sat back in the chair. Why was she here anyway? Oh yeah, her head. What had happened? Had it been serious? Well, it had to be serious. She was knocked out! Or asleep. She wasn't too sure.

A few moments later, her mum walked through the door, and waving a hand through her hair.

'I just hate hospitals!' she breathed, and shook her head. 'You have to stay here for a few hours, then I have to take you home. You'll have the day off tomorrow, but I still have to bring you back here in the afternoon so they can "make sure you okay". What's the point? If there were still going to be problems tomorrow, don't they think I'd still bring you back up here?'

Saskia was trying to understand, she truly was, but it all sounded like one, long buzz of a bee. Her mother spoke angrily, but whenever she spoke in that tone, she thought it was okay to spit words out at one hundred miles per hour.

'Um, yeah. Thanks.'

She wasn't quite sure if that was the right answer, but it must have satisfied her mum enough for her to nod and wave a hand.

'So, Sas, you honestly don't remember anything?'

She shook her head. She wasn't entirely sure if she wanted to find out, but she thought it was best if she did because maybe it could re-jog her memory and she could be home, and go to school and hang around with Jane as normal.

'What happened?'

Her mum sighed. 'You were shoved violently into a piece of stone art. I don't remember the name, but if I did, I think it'd be a new curse on the family.' Once again, a hand through her wavy hair. 'You smashed your head against it. You didn't fall unconscious until you actually got in the ambulance. I suppose it was shock.'

As if like magic, it came back. Most of it, anyway. She remembered following Jane, and then the heavy weight against her. She hadn't seen anyone around, apart from her class and a couple of staff members and maybe even members of the public, but she'd hurt herself on the rock-like object.

'I think... I think I remember.'

Her mum's eyes literally lit up. Gleaming and sparkling in the florescent lights above their heads.

'Really? Maybe you'll be in school tomorrow, after all.'



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