Psychic - I Know

Saskia Walden isn't a freak. She's just...a human thought machine. Does it really matter that Saskia has just become a psychic? Of course not. Apart from the fact that she can't control when a vision will come along. Or whether it will effect herself, or anyone around her. See, nothing freaky at all.

Written by TazmaniaGirl.


1. 1

Saskia sighed, and glanced down at her bitten nails. They needed work, but it was so hard not to bite them when she got nervous. A hand fell on her shoulder, and she looked up to meet June's gaze.

'Mr Neede's going to yell if you don't listen up, Sas.'

Saskia waved a dismissive hand, but she turned her attention to Mr Neede anyway. He was a tall, stern, stern teacher with a slightly bent stride, but if he wanted to walk like that, it wasn't Saskia's problem. Glasses were perched on his long, pointed nose, and a single stud pierced through his ear. His dark, greying hair was something Saskia found most disgusting. It looked like it hadn't been washed in decades.

'Saskia, would you care to tell me what this is?'

Mr Neede was motioning to an ancient looking artefact, made out of rough, bumpy looking stone. She could just about find a face within the wonky structure.


Something popped in her ear and she jumped. She even thought she saw Mr Neede move at least half an inch.

'June Hallo, I don't think it's the right time to be blowing bubbles out of gum. Would you be as so kind to put it in the bin behind you?'

June sighed, but only enough for herself and Saskia to hear. She spun on her heel, and dropped the pink, blu-tac looking substance in the bin. Then her bored, grey eyes landed back on Mr Neede. He turned his attention back to Saskia in an instance.

'I don't know' Saskia replied truthfully, and Mr Neede shook his head in what Saskia assumed was a disappointed way.

'I explained it twice, Saskia. I invited you on this trip because I thought you wanted to learn, but I think I made a mistake. You obviously cannot spend your time listening to even one word I say, let alone a whole history on this Monto Fellesio. I hope you understand, Miss Walden, that this is a detention, not a waste of my time.'

He turned on one foot, and led the class to another "fascinating" piece of cultural art. This time, Saskia sighed. She let one out, long and loud, and then June and herself trudged slowly behind the rest of the group.

It was sudden, and for a split second Saskia thought it hadn't happened at all. Something large, and heavy, smashed into Saskia, sending her flying backwards. Her body landed with a terrible SMACK as it hit what Saskia had not been listening to. Monto Fellesio.

Her head leant back on the hard stone, and as she tried to move, as she feared, something was pulled. Badly. She gave one more shot to get herself up, but it just wasn't happening. A wave of what Saskia presumed was shock, travelled through her body. It tingled all the way down her arms and legs, right up to the very tip of her fingers and toes. A shiver, and then a groan.

'Oh my gosh, Sas, are you okay?'

June was knelt beside Saskia, along with half of the class. Mr Neede came running over as soon as he noticed her sprawled against the precious piece of stone. Saskia thought he cared more about the historical feature then herself, but if he did, he didn't show it. Instead he called a member of staff.

What had just happened? And who'd done it? Because Saskia REALLY wanted to know.


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