they live next door

they have moved next door, well his parents are next door , now he is visiting them . Who lives next door to Bella MCallister ?. Find out in the movella ' they live next door' , find out what happens, go on read it !


6. feelings.

Niall's P.o.v


I've been waiting for ages now and Bella is showing no sign of love yet. It's killing me. I don't know if she's hiding it or not!

I started to prep talk myself , "c'mon Niall you've got to ask her!" "Don't be such a baby!" "You're a lousy excuse for a man!" I groan and text her before I think I have typed.

To Bella:

Hey , I was thinking about something, and it was the kiss. The kiss we shared a few days ago. I can't stop thinking about it and I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? Like as something, a thing?

I look at the message and I go to delete it but my other finger presses send. I look at it my mouth opened slightly.

"Oh my god.. No I didn't!" I shout. "Stupid. Stupid. Niall." I throw the phone on the bed and start pacing around the room. "Damn you, you stupid phone!" I stop and point at it before pacing around the room again. My heart stops when I hear a ping, signalling I had a message. I close my eyes and slowly pick up my phone.

New message:

I open the message with one eyes closed as I see the words 'I would love too!' I literally hit the ceiling. While rubbing my head I quickly reply with a great see you at 8 ' I smile and start to get ready into black skinny jeans with a top with the Union Jack on it.

By the time I had done my hair and fiddled about making reservations and everything it was 10 minutes to eight. My heart starts to race and I grab a couple of Oreos before I make my way to her door which was only a few blocks away. I hold the fake rose in my hand with a grin plastered on my face. I knock 3 times when I see a beautiful Bella stepping out holding a black purse. She wore tight black jeans with a white plain top and a cropped white jumper that had a 'A' stitched onto the front. I put my hand out with the rose and she giggles at the fake rose and sets it too the side as she takes my hand and kisses my cheek.

"Well hey there blondie."She says smiling.

I chuckle, "hey there shortie." I smile looking down at her. She rolls her eyes and basically drags me too my own car. She rolls her eyes when she sees me popping my last Oreo into my mouth. I smile innocently and get in the driver seat as I wait for her to get in and I drive off to the place I made a reservation for.

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