they live next door

they have moved next door, well his parents are next door , now he is visiting them . Who lives next door to Bella MCallister ?. Find out in the movella ' they live next door' , find out what happens, go on read it !


7. date

We sit and laugh while we chew on our food. I put my hand up and the waiter comes over with the bill I put the money in the pocket thing and stand holding Bella's hand.

"I had fun tonight.." She whisper leaning her head on my shoulder.

"Me too.." I sigh happily. We get into the car and I make my way to her house. I fun around to her side of the door and open it. She smiles and steps out. I look down at her and slowly lean in and kiss her gently she kisses back and soon her hands are tangled in my hair. I pull back smiling. "Tomorrow at 8:00 pm I will pick you up. " I wink and climb back into the car and drive off to my house daydreaming about her.

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