they live next door

they have moved next door, well his parents are next door , now he is visiting them . Who lives next door to Bella MCallister ?. Find out in the movella ' they live next door' , find out what happens, go on read it !


4. A Thing ?

Niall's P.O.V


I think I have feelings for Bella, but I couldn't we have known each other since birth. If I asked her out would that ruen our friendship? I'm so confused, I was intreupted by my brother Greg walking up to me, I couldn't hear a thing he said. He waved his hand infront of my face.

"Yo wee bro, helooooo?" He said , then he  pinched me .

"ow!" I said rubbing my arm.

He let out a lauph," So how's the famous life bro ?" He asked .

"It's got it's ups and downs," I said flatly.

"Aw wee bro you've missed me !" Greg said tackling me to the ground,"I love you to wee man,"

"Get off of me you loonball!" I shouted while the   boys walked in with Emily .

"OHHH fight!" Harry said running through the door, "Greg,Greg,Greg,"He chanted.

"Well thanks for the help!" I said when I finally got him off of me,

"Your welcome mate," he said sarcasticly

"KEVINNNN COME BACK!" Louis shouted while running out the door,

"Louis it's a pigeon , leave it !" Liam shouted,

"Yip still can't beleive he's the oldest," I said while we watched Louis run about chasing the pigeons.

"Hey I heard that!" He shouted he wasn't looking where he was going so he tripped over a rock .

"Watch the rock mate!" I said he gave me an evil look and got back up , and strted chasing again.

"Mate we have neibours !" I shouted again and then he stopped , but he never came in , instead he started doing gangman style, "Louis ya baby!" I said slamming the door on him, "Officially we don't know that dude out there dancing in our garden," We all nodded in agreement and sat down to talk to greg

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