they live next door

they have moved next door, well his parents are next door , now he is visiting them . Who lives next door to Bella MCallister ?. Find out in the movella ' they live next door' , find out what happens, go on read it !


1. suprise !!

Bella's P.O.V


I walked down the stairs to see Maura sitting on our couch , wait Maura Niall's mum ?. I'm confused.

"Hello Maura?" Why was she here?

"Oh , hello darling you gave me a fright," She said startled, "Come on, join in with our conversation, we're gonna need your help," I walked over to the couch and sat beside her , "Let's fill you in sweetie," Oh yeah I forgot to mention , Maura lives next door to us in Ireland.

"Ok," I said still asking myself questions in my mind.

"Right , so Niall and the band are coming home to my house for their holidays off for being popstars , so me and your mum decided that we would do a party for them , what do you think Bella?" She asked looking at e with a worried expression.

"Well it's a good idea, but I have an other idea that could spice it up," They looked at me so I could carry on," Well you could say that you will be an hour late and leave the key at the front for them we could all hide in there bedrooms ten as soon as they walk in we can jump out on them ," There faces lit up, and this time I new I did have good ideas in ma noggin.

"Very good, well there coming tonight so we better , we have an hour ," We all ran out the door so we could get to Maura's house. When we ot there we ran into random bedrooms , then Maura text-ed Niall.

_____one hour later____

The door unlocked , then there was the sound of boys voice's , so here we go , I wonder who's room I am in? The door started to open , ten as soon it was opened I jumped out on him, he screamed and ran down the stairs , soon there was screaming all over the house and running . I was rolling about on the floor . When 4 big hands lifted me up .

"Let me go !" I shouted kicking my legs .

"I heard you gave Maura the idea, we almost had an heart attack !" He said running down the stirs with me .I wriggled free , and they stood there with the biggest smirk on there face.

"So we meet again Bella?" Said one of the boys .

"So we meet again Niall, but may I ask who is this loonitic you have brought with you ?" I said mentioning towards thee boy that is obviously Liam.


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