The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


14. The stranger behind the mask

Louis turned around to see who was running toward us. He smiled and exclaimed,

"I better leave you." He winked before walking away.

I stood on the street doing nothing but staring at the man running toward me. He finally reached the place where I was.

"How did you walk such a lond distance in such a short time?" he asked out of breath.

I ignored his question. "Why did you run after me, Niall?" He looked up at me.

"You know perfectly why. No one has ever reacted so weird when they saw my phone. I knew straight away there was something wrong. And Louis and Annabeth's reaction made me realise  I was right." He moved closer and said in a whisper, "I've been waiting for this day to come for ages."

I started to cry. "So have I." I hugged him tightly as he whispered in my ear,

"I've been waiting for you all the while."



The end

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