The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


2. The day it all came true

I was 19. I had grown up but my dream had remained the same through all those years. I had many jobs and saved money all along. I had enough for my dream to come true. I bought a plane ticket and booked a room in an hotel for a few days, many months before the D Day. Days went by and I was more and more impatient.

At last, the day my plane was flying off came. I woke up early and my parents led me to the airport. We were living in London. They waited with me and wished me a good trip before I went through the gate. The plane finally took off and 2 hours later, it was landing near Venice. Then, I took the boat and, at last, I was in the city. I was so excited! I went to my hotel where I left my suitcase. Afterwards, I went round the city. I walked slowly on the streets, still not believing I was there.

As I was walking on a small street, I saw a small costume and mask shop. I walked in and was greeted by a nice lady. I explained her why I was there. She smiled at me and told me to follow her. I did so and she led me at the back of the shop. I stayed still at the door, utterly amazed by what I was seeing. Walls were covered with masks of every color. Some had feathers or glitter, other had flowers or a moon painted upon it. There was many sizes and shapes. They all were different and unique. They all were beautiful. In the middle were a few dummies with magnificient costumes. They all were women costume. I could have stayed like that a very long time but the lady came next to me and asked me if there was a costume I would like to try on. I nodded and pointed at a dark pink dress. The lady smiled when I showed her that one. She led me to a dressing room and came back a while later with the dress. Then, she gave me a mask and I walked out to see me in a mirror. I was so glad that I was on the verge of tear. I looked at my reflection for a few minutes and then I said to the lady I was buying it. I walked back in the dressing room and pulled back my clothes.

A few minutes later, I walked out of the shop with my wonderful costume in the hand. I went back to my hotel where I left it and I went to eat something. The day quickly went by as I was wandering on the streets.

I spent the next day watching thousands of people walking on the streets in their splendid costumes. It was a wonderful day. I had so much fun! Then, at the end of the afternoon, I went back to the hotel to get dressed for the fancy-dress ball I was going to tonight. It took me a long time but I was ready at 8.00 pm.

I made my way to the ballroom and, to my astonishment, it was already crowded with people. I walked in, listening to the music which was filling in the air. I took a glass of champagne and sat on a chair. As I was watching people dancing, I didn't notice that a man sat next to me.

"Do you want to dance?" He asked me with a smile. Half his face was hidden by a mask but I could see his blue eyes through it. I nodded. He took my hand and we went waltzing. I wished this waltz would never stopped. We danced all along looking each other in the eyes. It was great. But the music stopped. We walked back to our seat and I sat down. He didn't. He stood in front of me and bowed bown. Then, he moved closer and whispered in my ear.

"It was pleasure. I now have to go but I hope we will meet again one day." I noticed he had an irish accent. Then, without even telling me his name, he walked away. I stayed on my seat the rest of the night, still and unable to get him out of my mind.

Afterwards, I walked back to my hotel. I hadn't seen him on my way back there. I took my dress off and went to sleep. I stared at the ceiling for a long time before falling asleep, that unknown man still on my mind.

The end of my trip quickly went by. I went back to London. I was so happy about this trip. It has been wonderful. But I wished I had ask the name of that mysterious man. He was still on my mind and I wanted to look for him. I wanted to know who he was. I had to find him. No matter how long it would take me, I will find him.


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