The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


9. News

Annabeth picked up the phone and turned the speaker on. She was about to speak but she was interrupted by Louis' angry voice.

"What were you thinking?! Sending your friend to talk about a pretended truth with Harry won't fix anything up!"

"Good evening to you too." She said ironically. "And I didn't think about it. I didn't know that Lucy would have done that."

"I don't believe you." He said sharply. "You helped her trump this story up, I'm sure of it! Seriously, this kind of thing never happens. How could you think we would have believe something like that?" He laughed. "It is one of the stupidest story I ever heard. But I recognize that every details have been well found." Louis chuckled.

"Don't you dare say my life is stupid ever again!" I shouted.

"Oh... You're here too. I wanted to have a private conversation with Annabeth." He sighed. "But it seems that sneaking into other's business is something you have in common." I was sure he was grinning.

"So have you. Eavesdroping is pretty rude, no one has ever told you so?" I tried to sound calm. "It depends on what people are talking about. And I didn't want to miss this amazing story of yours!" He said, laughing.

"What do you really want?" Annabeth asked him, annoyed.

"Well, firstly, I wanted to say that if that story turns out to be true, I doubt it, you have to know that Niall has never been at Venice's carnival. He never told us so, and that's the kind of thing one normally talks about. And secondly, I won't let you come near Harry again. He does not deserve you. But as you only dated him for his fame, you won't be grieved too long."He told to the both of us and hung up.

We stayed silent in the room, none of us daring to talk. Annabeth stood up a while after,mumbled something I didn't understand and walked toward her bedroom. I got up too and went in mine. I was walking past her door when I heard her crying.

Had he nothing better to do rather than call her to say those things?

I went to bed, thinking about what he said about Niall. He does not believe us so I do not believe him either. I am certain Niall is the stranger I met three years ago. I will find a way to prove I'm right.


I woke up the next day at 10 am. I walked into the kitchen and ate breakfast. Afterwards, I showered and got dressed. Then, I decided to go and see how Annabeth was feeling. I knocked at her door. No answer. I opened the door and saw she wasn't there. I went into the living room and noticed a piece of paper lying on the table.

I'm at work. I finish at 2 pm. I will come back straight away once it will be over, so we could watch TV while eating ice cream or something else with a lot a calories! xoxo A.


I laughed when I read it. I put it back down and began reading a book.


At 2.20, Annabeth walked in the flat. She went in her room and came back a few minutes later, wearing casual clothes.

"So, ready to eat?" She winked. I nodded and told her I was going to cook something. She sat on the sofa, waiting for me to come back.

Five minutes later, I brought two huge cups of hot chocolate with marshmallow and whiped cream and also waffles I had cooked earlier. She looked at it greedily. I sat beside her and she turned on the TV. She was looking for something good to watch but she stopped on a news channel. "The managament had not been able to give us further informations concerning Harry Styles' disappearance. He was last seen by the other members of the famous band. But no one knows how he managed to get away with all the security which has been set up. He is nowhere to be found since five hours and his phone can't be track as it was found in his room after he disappeared." A journalist said.

Annabeth switched the TV off and looked at me.

"Did he really say what I think I've heard?" She asked me, upset. "I'm afraid, yes." I muttered.

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