The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


3. Day at work

*Beep*Beep*Beep* The sound of my alarm clock resounded in my room. I switched it off, still half asleep and went back to sleep. Then, I heard footsteps and felt someone sitting on my bed.

"Get up!! You're gonna be late, you lazy!" yelled Annabeth.

"I don't want to go..." I growled.

"Then... You leave me no choice." She said, standing up. I felt her grabbing the blanket and then she pulled it hard and I found myself lying on the ground.

"Haha! Got you!" and she left my room. I got up and went to the kitchen. Annabeth was sitting there drinking her tea and she greeted me as if nothing had happened. She is my best friend since we're children and now, we're living in the same flat in London. I quickly ate and went in the bathrrom afterwards. I showered, got dressed and made my make-up. The, I took my purse, said bye to Annabeth and left. I went to the underground which was crowded with people at that time of the day.

So, I'm now 22 and I spent those last three years looking for that stranger I met. I haven't found him yet. Annabeth keep saying I'm losing my time looking for him and that I should date someone but I don't want to. I still have hope that I'll find him one day.

I walked out the underground and made my way to a huge building where I'm working. I work for a magazine which talks about economy. Boring, isn't it? Yeah but that's all I found and it's good paid so I keep it. In that building are also others magazine, each at a different floor. I walked in the entrance hall and saw that people were more excited than usual. I went to my office and met Tamara, a colleague.

"Hey! Do you know what's going to happen today? Everyone seems so happy." I asked her.

"Well... I heard that a famous band was coming for a photo shoot on the 7th floor. But it's only a rumor. But according to what you've just said, it could be true." She explained me.

The rest of the morning went by very slowly. I walked outside at lunch and went to eat in a small park near the building. Then, I went back there. I was waiting for a lift in the corridor when it fially came. People walked out of it but one of them bumped into me.

"I'm sorry!" He quickly said before walking away. I went into the lift and then I noticed he had an irish accent. I didn't even see his face!! How could I have been so stupid?! Well... As a matter of fact, I met a lot of irish people but it was never him. It couldn't be him that time. If he was working here, I would have spotted him a long time ago. Maybe Annabeth is right... I should date someone and just forget about him.

The afternoon went by faster and at 5.30 pm, I left my office. I took my phone out and saw I had a text from Annabeth : "I'm waiting for u at the entrance of your office. Got something to tell u!!! x " I walked out and found her sitting on a bench. She ran when she saw me. She kind of jumped on me so we nearly fell on the ground.

"Guess what!" she yelled at once.


"Well, I was at a photo shoot today." She is model and she is just perfect! "And... Guess who I met? One Direction!" She said without letting me answer to her question.

"And... Harry Styles invited me on a date tonight! I can't believe it!!" She fangirled as we went back home.

She rushed in her room once we were at our flat to look for something to wear.

2 hours later, she was ready. Her make-up was done and her hair was perfect. She told me goodbye and walked out. I went to the sofa and watched  TV the whole night, waiting for her to come back.

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