Another World (Part one)

This story is about a girl called Ellie who gets VIP tickets to see ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! she goes behind the curtains and gives the band an interview and learns more about the boys themselves. But she has a severe crush on ♥HARRY STYLES♥!!!!!!!! Will she end up being best friends or something else?????
She also gets taken somewhere new somewhere full of evil. She needs to use something she has never used before to defeat a spirit she knows very well.

P.S. I am sorry about all of the 'said's' because I can't seem to think of other ways of saying 'said' so if you get board with all the 'said's' I am sorry.


9. What's With The Brake-Up????(Tuesday)

Another sunny day in Cyprus. Tomorrow is movie night we are watching all the Harry Potter films in one night it is going to be so fun. Tonight is just a chilling out night. And only two more days until Elizabeth's birthday. We are sadly not having a party. I turned over to see that Harry was not there I got up and called to him but there was no answer. I went downstairs to find him and he was in the kitchen with Niall and Elizabeth, drinking a cup of tea.

"So Niall what are you not going to do when I go to get some more chips?"(Elizabeth)

"I will not eat your special cookies"(Niall)
"Good, oh good morning Ellie"(Elizabeth)

"Good morning" I said hugging Harry. He had one hand behind his back.

"I knew you would be down soon so I made you some toast with lots of chocolate spread"(Harry)

"Yummy, thank you, come on lets go watch Family Guy" And with that we were gone.

It was only the start of the episode when Elizabeth went to the shop. Niall came through and sat on the beanbag next to Justina and Zayn. Half way through the episode Niall went back into the kitchen, then the front door opened and slammed shut. Then we heard shouting. I ran into the kitchen with Harry just as Elizabeth came out and ran upstairs. Niall was stood in the middle of the room, the expression on his face was like he had just seen a ghost.

"Niall what just happened?"(Harry)

"Elizabeth, she, just, broke up, with, me"(Niall)

"What?? Why??"(Me)

"Just because I ate her cookies"(Niall)

"The ones that you said you wouldn't eat?"(Harry)

"Yes, those ones"(Niall)

"Those cookies are special. Her mum made them and she only sends them down once every month. She lives with her dad and is not allowed to see her. So that's why she broke up with you, you ate her special cookies!"(Me)

"She didn't tell me that"(Niall)

"Well she doesn't like to talk about it"(Me)

"Well what can I do do get her back?" There was a short silence "Her birthday, we could get her mum a plane ticket to come down for the party!"(Niall)

"Who said we are having a party?" Justina said coming into the room.

"I did, for Elizabeth's birthday, ok"(Niall)

"But she said she doesn't want a party"(Me)

"Yes I know but this maybe the only way I can get her back so we need to be quick. Where does her mum live?"(Niall)


"Can you call her to tell her what we are going to do?"(Niall)

"Ok. But Elizabeth's dad can't know about this. Back in a minute"(Me)
"By the way Elizabeth can't know that we are doing this or it is ruined, ok, lets do it"(Niall)


As you might have seen in the comments that this was both mine and Wolfheart's idea. And sorry for the short chapter. :D

And also I am sorry I had to change all the 'Ellas' to 'Ellies' and the same but the opposite way round. I wanted to change them because my nic-name is Ellie and it didn't feel right having all my best friends correct names and mine being something completely different so yeah sorry if this has caused any confusion.

Love Ellie

P.S. you can call me Ellie if you want, nearly everyone does at school and at home, including my neighbours and other relatives!

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