Another World (Part one)

This story is about a girl called Ellie who gets VIP tickets to see ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! she goes behind the curtains and gives the band an interview and learns more about the boys themselves. But she has a severe crush on ♥HARRY STYLES♥!!!!!!!! Will she end up being best friends or something else?????
She also gets taken somewhere new somewhere full of evil. She needs to use something she has never used before to defeat a spirit she knows very well.

P.S. I am sorry about all of the 'said's' because I can't seem to think of other ways of saying 'said' so if you get board with all the 'said's' I am sorry.


3. The Interview

"OK peeps we gotta get questions answered. Lets go and meet them. Oh and I didn't tell you this but we are the only ones who get to come back here!"


"So do any of you have any phobias?" I asked.

"Yes I do, I have a phobia of birds, mainly pidgins" answered Niall.

"I do as well, a phobia of growing up" said Louis.

"Wow Louis I didn't know that, but I find that rather cute though" said Katie.

"Well mine is obvious I have said this in lots of other interviews, I am afraid of spoons" said Liam.

"I am afraid of the dark, water and heights." said Zayn.

"Not meaning to be rude but why do you have a fear of water?"(Justina)

"Oh, one of the reasons is, I can't swim. I can't remember the other reasons are."

"What about you Harry?" I asked.

"I've got a phobia of roller coasters and snakes. Creepy things snakes." Harry replied.

"Well I'v got a fear of spiders" I said.

"ER... what are the roles each of you play in the band?" asked Katie.

"Well, Liam is the smart one, Zayn is vain, Niall is the funny one, Harry is the flirt, and I am the leader" replied Louis.

"Lots of fans are saying that I should be the leader, possibly because I sing more solos than anyone else in the group" said Harry.


"So Harry what kind of girl do you like?" I asked Harry.

"I like girls who don't swear, have nice blue eyes, long hair, has a nice personality they have to get along with my parents and I have got to want to spend time them. I have to want to spend time with them. We'd also need to have some things in common and they have got to be funny. Like you" Harry replied.

"What, so your saying I'm funny" I asked surprised.

"Yeah that's what I'm saying. I know we've only just met but I think we could hang out. Take walks together go shopping have dinner at some sort of restaurant. Maybe even take you out somewhere of your choice. So are you free tonight?" he said.

"Yeah, OK. I think it should be all right with my mum and dad." I replied happily.

"Good. Did you know I was watching you the hole time on the show? I don't think you did. Anyway where do you want to go for dinner" he asked.

"Er... I don't know you choose. Idea maybe we all could go. The rest of the band and my friends. If that's OK with you." I said.

"That will be great lets go tell the others there asking me where we are." Harry said quietly.


"Well it was nice meeting you all, your all so very calm. Most of the girls that come back here with us are so excited to see us they can hardly speak. So thank you for coming and staying calm." said Liam.

"What I was thinking was we all go to Nan-dos for dinner, well it was mine and Ellie's idea. Because we are going to hang out with each other now." Harry informed everyone.

"That's funny me and Elizabeth, Louis and Katie, Justina and Zayn, Liam and Charlotte are all going to start being really good friends to."

So we took another half hour to sort out phone numbers. And once we had finished that we all went for an Nan-dos dinner.

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