Another World (Part one)

This story is about a girl called Ellie who gets VIP tickets to see ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! she goes behind the curtains and gives the band an interview and learns more about the boys themselves. But she has a severe crush on ♥HARRY STYLES♥!!!!!!!! Will she end up being best friends or something else?????
She also gets taken somewhere new somewhere full of evil. She needs to use something she has never used before to defeat a spirit she knows very well.

P.S. I am sorry about all of the 'said's' because I can't seem to think of other ways of saying 'said' so if you get board with all the 'said's' I am sorry.


5. One Year Later

It has been one year since my dream. I have become best friends with One Direction and even closer to my other friends. It's my birthday again. I'm 17 today I am so happy I can't wait to see 1D. They promised that they would get me something this year. This is going to be the best birthday ever!

"We're here! And we've got something for the birthday girl." called Harry.

"Yay i can't wait to see what see what it is" I called back happily. I turned around and saw all of my friends and all of 1D standing at the door.

"What are you all doing here?" I asked.

"Well it is your birthday. We all wanted to come and celebrate" replied Charlotte "We all got together and organised a party for you at..."

"Let me think is it at Nandos?" I interrupted.

"Er... yes how did you know" asked Niall.

"Well lets see you were looking very happy when Charlotte was explaining." I replied. "Anyway when is the party?"

"In a few hours, 4 to be exact" explained Katie.

"Enough time to get all pretty of Harry." whispered Elizabeth.

"Oh shut up!" I replied. "See you in a while." Then everyone left to get ready for the party. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. Then an idea popped into my head. I'm a cloths designer so I'll make something.


After a while I had finished my dress. I put it on and went down stairs. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door, it was Harry.

"WOW! You look amazing. And you are wearing my favourite colour." Harry said smiling and sounding like he was in a trance.

What he was looking at was me in a short, strapless dress witch was lilac with orange flowers to make it look like I was wearing a sash, an orange vine coming from the bottom left-hand side of the dress to the middle. At the top of the vine was a light blue, big diamond. I had flat-sole shoes that were purple with an amber gemstone on. My hair went down to my knees(without extensions),  curly and had a headband with a bow.

"Thanks, but I thought looked terrible, it was the only thing I could think of!"(me)

"Wait you made that, in 4 hours. WOW. I'm impressed."(Harry)

I'm glad Harry likes my dress. I've taken a fond liking to Harry. So yeah I'm happy.

"Me and the boys have got you something for the special birthday girl. Now come on or your going to be late for your own party!"(Harry)

"Fine lets go."(Me)


Before we went home Katie was rummaging through her bag until she brought out and envelope. Then she gave it to me.

"Open it then"(Liam)

I took out the note inside. It read:

To Ellie,

This is your plane ticket to come to Cyprus with all of us.

Have a nice Birthday! ;)

Love 1D and the girls.

P.S. This is mainly from Harry!

"OMG!!!! I am lost for words. What do I say!"(me)

"All you need to say is thank-you"(Niall)

"OK. Thank-you! Wait to my parents know?"(me)

"Yes, I asked them ages ago and they said it is OK for you to come with us to Cyprus."(Harry)

"Is that true? You better not be lying!"(me)

"No I am not lying!"(Harry)

"OK. I'll get packing when I get back."

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