Another World (Part one)

This story is about a girl called Ellie who gets VIP tickets to see ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! she goes behind the curtains and gives the band an interview and learns more about the boys themselves. But she has a severe crush on ♥HARRY STYLES♥!!!!!!!! Will she end up being best friends or something else?????
She also gets taken somewhere new somewhere full of evil. She needs to use something she has never used before to defeat a spirit she knows very well.

P.S. I am sorry about all of the 'said's' because I can't seem to think of other ways of saying 'said' so if you get board with all the 'said's' I am sorry.


10. Movie Night(Wednesday)

So OK Niall and Elizabeth have broken up, great(sarcastic)! Elizabeth has not spoken to anyone since yesterday morning she wouldn't come out of her room.

"Go talk to her. She might need some comfort"(Harry)

"Please go and talk to her and see if she is coming down later for the movies"(Niall)

"Ok I'll go see you in a minute" I said walking up the stairs. I knocked on the door and heard a small voice call:

"Who is it?"

"It's Ellie don't worry, can I come in?"

"Yeah sure, wait is Niall with you?"

"No he's downstairs, now can I come in?"

"It's open, so what do you want?"

"Just coming to ask if you were still coming to watch Harry Potter later?"

"Yes as long as I can sit with you and Harry and not with Niall"

"Yes you can. So see you in a bit then"

"See ya"

I closed the door, turned the corner to go my room I bumped into Harry and Niall. They were looking happy. Niall especially.

"So she is coming yes but she is still crying. We will see her in a bit"

"Yes! I can sit near her at least"

"She doesn't really want to be near you. I said she could sit with Harry and me"


"I know you do and you don't really want to stay in Justina's and Zayn's room any-more"


"I love this one the first one is second best for me the last one is my favourite"(Katie)

"Don't tell me what happens, I haven't seen it"(Louis)


"I know the part were Do..."(Zayn) He was interrupted by Louis shh'ing him.


"Shh already we won't hear the end"(Elizabeth) As she was speaking Niall scooted slightly towards her with her not knowing.

**MOVIE 2**


"Okay then let's all just watch the film!"(Niall) He yet again move closer to Elizabeth.

**MOVIE 3***

"This is my favourite part**watching the part when Malfoy gets scratched my Buckbeak and rolling around on the floor**"(Charlotte)

"I like this bit but my favorite part is when Hermiony and Harry go back in time. And the bit before when Hermiony punches Malfoy IN HIS FACE!!!"(Liam)

An yet again Niall moved closer to Elizabeth. This time she noticed and scooted to the end of the sofa. So I kicked his back! **He He**

**MOVIE 4**

Liam and Charlotte were asleep on the bean-bag cuddling each other. **So sweet** Halfway through the film Niall was a bit to close for comfort sitting by my legs trying to move closer to Elizabeth. But I kicked his back so he would stop!

"Ouch what was that for?"

"Stop she doesn't want to be near you!"

"I am sorry but that really hurt!" Just then Elizabeth got up and left the room running upstairs to her room. Then Niall got up and followed her. A few minutes later Niall came down crying! The others were asleep now except for me, Harry, Niall and Elizabeth. He stopped and looked at us both and went outside. I followed him and sat out side on the bench beside him.

"Do you think our plan will work? I don't think it will" He said sadly.

"Niall, it will. Listen you she still loves you I know she does. She just can't show you or tell you. She is one of my best friends and I know weather something is wrong or what she feels. Ok, this plan will work I promise"

"She's right you know. Now come back inside before you both get cold!" Harry said walking out of the door. Me and Niall got up and walked inside, sat on the sofa, and continued to watch the film.

**MOVIE 7 PART 1**

Louis woke up right at the end.

"What is the time? I must be late"(Louis)

"It's about 2 in the morning. You missed the end of number 4 and missed all of 5 and 6 and most of this one, you fell asleep!"(me)

"Ok were is Elizabeth?"

"She is upstairs sleeping, I think"(Niall)

"Ok then"(Louis)


Everyone is now awake just in time to see the last movie!

"It is 3:30 in the morning. I would like to go to bed now, although I did nod off at some point. Goodnight, well good morning! Charlotte are you coming?"(Liam)

"I will be up in a bit"

"Can you check on Elizabeth to see if she is al-right when you go up Charlotte?"(Niall)

"Fine, she should be ok though"

*End of film*

Well we made it through all of the films well at least Harry, me and Niall. Today is the day of Elizabeth's Birthday party. YAY. I just hope the plan works. It's sad to see Elizabeth without Niall. But that will change today, hopefully!

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