Another World (Part one)

This story is about a girl called Ellie who gets VIP tickets to see ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! she goes behind the curtains and gives the band an interview and learns more about the boys themselves. But she has a severe crush on ♥HARRY STYLES♥!!!!!!!! Will she end up being best friends or something else?????
She also gets taken somewhere new somewhere full of evil. She needs to use something she has never used before to defeat a spirit she knows very well.

P.S. I am sorry about all of the 'said's' because I can't seem to think of other ways of saying 'said' so if you get board with all the 'said's' I am sorry.


1. Best thing ever!

IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I can't wait to see my other presents. I have already had a few from my friends. They were some One Direction pencils, pens, a ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and badges. It was wrapped up in One Direction wrapping paper. The best presents I have got from my friends.

"MUM I'M HOME!!!! " I called.

"It is my birthday girl Ellie. Your step farther and I have a special present for you. But you have to open all the other presents first." she replied.

"OK mum. But you said I can do what I want to do because it is my birthday."

"You can just this is the best present you will get... I think."

"OK then. I will open them now"

(20 mins later)

"OK I'm ready for my last present."

"Right you need to try to contain all of your excitement OK"

"Fine... Is this it another card. Really I already have lots of cards"

"Just open it please"

"Fine... OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Are these, no, VIP tickets to see One Direction!!!!! Wow I can't believe it I get to take 4 friends well that will be. Charlotte, Elizabeth, Justina and Katie. They will be so excited when they find out about this"

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