Shut Out

Liam Payne has been a normal kid for most of his life. Most... Liam's stepfather abuses his both sexually and physically hitting. What will happen when Liam meets Casey? Will he open up and love her, or will Casey be shut out?


13. Warning, mature content. Don't really have chapter name...

Casey's POV.

I awoke to screaming. Bradley's screaming. He was beating the shit out of Lucas. I started to try to get free, but before I could make any progress, Bradley's gruff hands grabbed me. I tried to get out of his grasp, but he was too strong. He grabbed me by my hair and started dragging me across the floor. I screamed, "LUCAS, HELP ME!" but he didn't answer. I glanced towards him, to see a dead-looking Lucas. Bradley lifted me up and threw me over his shoulders. I kicked and punched his back, and he dropped me to the floor. As I was starting to stand, he kicked me in the gut. Shit, that hurt. Bradley grabbed out rope and tied my hands together and my feet together. He lifted me up again, but I had no strength to fight back. He took me into a bedroom, and I immediately knew his intentions. I started to squirm around again, but he slapped me. He tied my arms and legs to the bed posts. He didn't even bother taking my pants off, he just pulled out a knife and cut them from my body. Damn it, these were my favorite jeans. He ripped my shirt down the front. Luckily, he left my bra on, but he slowly slid my underwear down my legs. I was crying, trying not to look at him. I started to move around as he was positioning himself in front of me. I moved so much, he couldn't take it. He slapped me, but I wasn't giving up that easy. I bucked my hips upward so he couldn't reach me. He got off the bed, and I thought I had succeeded, until he came back with a syringe. Well, shit. Before he stuck the syringe into my arm, I screamed, "SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!" Which earned me a slap, but I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to be out of this hellhole. He jabbed the syringe in my arm, and I cried out in payne. (See what I did there?) My body almost instantly went limp, and I found myself getting really drowsy. My vision was becoming blurred, and next thing I saw? Nothing.

I awoke a few hours, well, maybe it was a few hours, later, still tied to the bed. My hair was everywhere, and I was only wearing my bra. My underwear were around my ankles still. I was snapped out of my thoughts by commotion down the hall. I looked towards the door and prayed that someone was coming to save me. Just that instant, Lucas pushed the door open. He was limping, but he walked over to the bed. I went to say something to him, but found I had a gag stuffed in my mouth. He pulled the gag out of my mouth and started untying me. Once I was untied, he pulled me in for a hug. "Casey, we need to get out of here. I punched Bradley and he fell over, so I started kicking him. He's unconscious, but I don't know for how long." Lucas whispered in my ear. I nodded, and realized my underwear were still down my legs. I quickly pulled them up, and I was so embarrassed. Lucas took off his shirt, and handed it to me. I slid it onto my body, and I know I shouldn't be thinking about this at this time, but DAMN THAT BODY. We started running through the basement, when finally, we reached the door that leads to the actual house. We tried to open it, but it was locked. "Casey, back up." Lucas said. I obeyed and took a few steps back. Lucas started kicking the door down, and within about a minute, it was off its hinges. We ran up the steps, hand in hand, when I heard something behind me. I looked back, and Bradley was standing at the bottom, with a gun. Suddenly, the room was spinning very fast. I was on the ground. How the hell did I get there? I let out a cry and felt enormous pain in my shoulder. I brought my right hand to my left shoulder and felt warmth. I pulled my hand back and looked at it. Blood. My vision was starting to get blurry, and I couldn't hang on anymore. My eyes closed for what I thought was only a moment, but my eyes fluttered open and I saw I was in an ambulance. Everything was happening in slow motion, and I heard people saying, "Hold on Casey, stay with me." but I just couldn't. I let the darkness take over my body.

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