Shut Out

Liam Payne has been a normal kid for most of his life. Most... Liam's stepfather abuses his both sexually and physically hitting. What will happen when Liam meets Casey? Will he open up and love her, or will Casey be shut out?


7. The Gang's All Here

Hey guys, sorry if this chapter isn't any good. It all deleted so I had to rewrite it. And I wrote a really long chapter too... :(


Casey's POV. I awoke to find my head on Liam's chest. I was on my stomach, and he was laying on his back. Our legs were intertwined and I realized I was only wearing a bra. God, I feel like such a whore. Liam started shifting around in his sleep, and I could tell he was getting close to waking up. I pretended to sleep to see what he would do. I heard his breathing quicken which meant he was awake. I felt his lips kiss my forehead and I almost started smiling. Stay strong Casey. He started to play with my hair and it was tickling me. I started to giggle a little, but I tried to play it cool. It didn't work. "Good morning starshine!" Liam said, a little too happy. I looked him in the eyes and said, "Starshine? What nickname is that?" I started giggling. He pretended to look hurt and said, "Well, then. If that's how you feel." He slipped out from under me and turned to the side. I started giggling and I got out of bed. He turned and looked at me but just turned around. I walked out of the room and to my room before anyone could see me half naked. I put on a pair of black, PINK yoga pants and a tank top. I was walking out of my room, checking twitter on my phone, when I felt a pair of strong hands grab me. One of their hands was thrown over my mouth and I bit his hand. He yelped in pain and the yelp sounded an awful lot like Liam. I turned around to see him staring at me. "Liam, I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know it was you and I thought it was someone bad... I got scared, and I-" He interrupted me by pulling me in for a quick kiss. That sure shut me up. I heard footstep coming up the stairs and Liam backed away and walked into his room. I saw Harry coming up the steps and he said to me, "Hey Caseybear! I'm inviting the boys over, kay? They wanted you to invite the girls." I simply said, "Okay let me text them." I ran into my room and jumped onto my bed. I went to grab my phone, but I couldn't find it. I remembered when Liam grabbed me I dropped it. I went out in the hallway, but it wasn't there. I walked into Liam's room and I was NOT expecting what I saw. I saw Liam, butt naked standing in front of me. I screamed and ran out of his room. One thing though, I have to say I was impressed.


Liam's POV. Holy shit, Casey just saw me naked... What was wrong with me?? Why did I leave the door unlocked. My face was on fire, and what made it worse, was she screamed. Was it really that bad? Or was she just not expecting it. I changed my clothes really quickly, and opened my door. Casey's door was closed, but I noticed her white iPhone sitting on the third stair. I grabbed it and saw she had a text from someone named Payton. I know I shouldn't have been doing this, but I wanted to see. unlocked her phone and surprisingly, no passcode. I started to read their conversation from this morning.

P: Hey! Do you wanna hang out today??

C: Yeah! OMG Payton guess what!?

P: What??

C: I just woke up in Liam's bed! I really, really like him Payton!

P: What?!?! Casey Ann Styles! Did you.. do anything ;)

C: Why would you even say that?! :) Lol, nothing happened like that. We just cuddled.


That was the last text sent before I scared Casey. I walked out and closed her phone. I knocked on her door, and I walked in. I heard her shower going, so I walked into the bathroom. I spoke loudly so she could hear me, "Uh, Casey, I found your phone. It's here on the counter. I-uh, sorry about earlier..." She cleared her thought and said, "Okay, thanks." Great, I screwed things up now. Perfect.


Casey's POV. Liam came into my bathroom. How weird is that!? Seriously, you don't nonchalantly walk into someone's bathroom when they are naked. Well, I guess we are even know. I got out of the shower and started drying me hair. Shit, I forgot to text the girls. My best friends are Payton, Grace, Ina, and Morgann. (I am going to just do a quick character thingy. Morgann- Darkerish skin, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, about 5'7, Single, has a crush on Zayn. Ina- Very skinny, brown hair, brown eyes, about 5'3. Likes Louis and Louis likes her. Grace- Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 5'5, is dating Niall Horan. Payton- blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and likes Harry. Alright back to the story)

I texted all the girls in a group message and told them to come over. Within a half an hour, everyone was here. We were all chattering about what we were going to do, when all of the sudden my mum and dad came through the door, screaming at each other. They stopped when they saw all of our friends, and my mum said, "Harry, Casey, I would like to speak to you." Greaat. I followed my mum into her room with Harry following me. Our father was already in the room. The air was very tense, and I was worrying. "Casey. Harry. Your mother and I will be getting a divorce soon." my father spoke. I just looked at him, blank faced. Harry stood up and stormed out of the room I could feel the tears coming down my face. My mum went to pat my back, but I swatted at her hand. I really didn't want to talk to her right now, so I stood up and walked out. I ran past all of our friends and they all looked very confused. Liam followed me upstairs and I noticed Lou was gone from downstairs too. he and Harry were best friends so they were probably talking. I ran to my room and started balling my eyes out. Liam sat there, holding me in a hug, just rocking me back and forth. I was crying so hard, and I hated it. I felt so vulnerable. Liam and I sat there for a good hour, him just holding me. I had finally stopped crying, and I stood up and went to the bathroom. God, I looked like hell. I washed my face and I walked out of the bathroom to find Liam sitting where I left him. I walked over and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the room. We walked downstairs where we found everyone sitting in the living room watching Mama. I did not want to watch it, but I figured I had nothing better to do. I sat down in between Grace and Liam. Harry still didn't know about Liam and I, so I kept it on the down low. race and Niall were snuggling, and Louis and Ina were flirting and giggling over stuff none of us could hear. Payton and Harry were chatting it up, and Morgann was talking with Zayn. Right now, life seemed good, except for the fact that my parents were splitting up. That wasn't good. At. All.

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