Shut Out

Liam Payne has been a normal kid for most of his life. Most... Liam's stepfather abuses his both sexually and physically hitting. What will happen when Liam meets Casey? Will he open up and love her, or will Casey be shut out?


11. Goodbyes and Hellos. WARNING STRONG CONTENT


*WARNING* Mature content


Casey's POV.

I grabbed my three suitcases and walked downstairs. "Hey Kiddo, got all your stuff?" my dad asked perkily. "Yes." I said very bitchy. I don't even care, he deserved it. "Okay, well our taxi will be here in about ten minutes to take us to the airport, so say your goodbyes!" he said. God, I swear, he is like a fucking rainbow, but it never cheers anyone up, only annoys them. I snapped out of my thoughts and stormed away from him. I walked into the kitchen, cooling off a little bit. I looked around to see Payton, Grace, Ina, Morgann, Liam, Harry, and my mum all in the kitchen. They were all crying. Wait, why was Liam crying...? Did he really like me that much? My thoughts were interrupted by all the girls suffocating me in a huge hug. We were all crying by then. "I love you girls so much. I will miss you and I will make sure to come back and visit. I want you all to text me like every day too!" I said while hugging them. They all nodded and pulled back. I walked over to Harry and said tearily, "I'm going to miss my "big" bro." putting emphasis on "big". He chuckled and pulled me into a hug, saying, "I love you Casey. Have fun and stay safe. I will miss you, but just make sure you visit. Okay?" I nodded and gave him on last big squeeze. I slowly moved towards Liam and he pulled me into a hug. He whispered in my ear, "Casey, I know I don't know you a lot, but I am going to miss you with all my heart. I really like you, and this is going to be one of the hardest things ever to do. I want you to visit and I'll visit you too, okay?" I nodded unable to say anything because of all my crying. He kissed me in the cheek and gave me one last hug. "Uh, Li-Liam? I never got your phone number. Could I have it, just in case, like, you know, I need to talk to you or I need help or something?" I asked. I couldn't read his face. Did he not want to give me his number? Oh God Casey, look what you did now. Shit. "I, uh, I would, but I don't have a phone..." He said quietly. Ohhh so that's why... I looked at Harry, "Will you help Liam get a phone?" I asked sweetly. He nodded and I quickly wrote my number on a piece of paper. He looked happier, but you know, the mood couldn't be very happy, because I'm just nonchalantly leaving for fucking New York in about 2-3 minutes. Great. Liam hugged me one last time and then I walked to my mother. She hugged me, and I barely hugged back. She looked hurt, but she wasn't even fighting for me! She wanted Harry, not me. So hell, she isn't going to get me. "I will miss you Casey, remember, I love you." she said looking sad. Bitch, you could've fought for me. But no, you didn't. So you don't love me. I am having too many imaginary conversations. Just then, we heard a horn honking outside. Here goes nothing I guess. I hugged my mom and gave everyone one last hug.


All of my bags were stuffed into the trunk and we were off. I turned around to see everyone standing in a line. All teary eyed. I turned around and my eyes started to tear up again. My dad tried to put his hand on my shoulder, but I pushed it away and put in my headphones. About 20 minutes later I looked up to see the airport. Shit, this is actually happening. We went through all the security checks and boarded our plane. My dad tried to talk to me, but I ignored him and slipped on my headphones. About half way through our ride, I stood to excuse myself to the bathroom. I walked back and saw it was occupied. Great. I waited for about 15 minutes and I was getting really impatient. I slammed my fist on the door for the 30th time and out came two teenagers, a girl and a guy. Oh, that's disgusting... I slowly walked into the bathroom, and it did NOT smell good. God people, couldn't your relations wait for another 2 hours? As I was washing my hands, I heard the door open. I turned around quickly to see a man, maybe about 40 years old. "What the hell are you doing in here?!" I asked loudly. Before I could say anything else, he slammed me up against the wall. He slammed the door closed and locked it. I was about to scream, but he shoved a gag in my mouth. He grabbed my hands and pulled out rope and tied them. I tried screaming, but the gag in my mouth made it so I couldn't. He slowly unbuttoned my pants. Tears were streaming down my face and as he was sliding  my underwear down my legs, I kicked him. Unfortunately I missed my target, which meant it didn't hurt him nearly as much. Which earned me a punch in the belly. I cried out, even though it was muffled. He pulled down his own pants and quickly pushed himself into me, giving me no time to adjust. I screamed through the gag, but no one could hear me. He kept his pace and about 15 minutes later he had decided he was finished. He pulled his pants on and took my phone out of my pocket. He opened it and went to my settings and found my number. Then, he wrote it down and tossed my phone at me. "Get up you piece of shit. Get dressed. And I swear to God, if you tell ANYONE I will take you, and you will be my slave. Do not tell the police and do not change your phone number. I will find you." And with that, he left. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like total shit. I sat on the toilet in my bra and underwear and cried. I wish I was with Liam. Liam would keep me safe. But no, I was just raped by someone because I had to leave him. I cried and cried, when the door opened. I looked up quickly, scared because he might be back for more, but it was a guy who looked to be about 15 maybe. He had longer dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "Oh, I'm so sorry! The door was unlocked, and I thought no one was in here!" He said quickly. He then added, "Uh, are you okay/ That's a nasty bruise you got there." He nodded his head towards my stomach. I looked down and saw a huge bruise forming. I nodded my head and stood up. I reached down to grab my clothes, only to find my abdominal area hurt tremendously. I cried out and almost fell over. But the boy caught me. I looked into his eyes and stared for a second. I then shook out of it and stepped out of his arms. I slid on my jeans and buttoned up my shirt. " I'm Lucas by the way. And you are?" Lucas asked. "I'm Casey" I said quietly. He pulled stuck his hand out and I took it. But he pulled me in for a hug. I don't know what I was doing, hugging him back, but I really just needed a hug. Lucas had an empty seat next to him, so I sat and we talked for a long time. I found out he lived on the same block as me. We even exchanged numbers! I felt bad about doing this to Liam, but who knows how long it would be until we see each other again! When we heard the flight attendant say we need to fasten our seatbelts, I took that as a cue to go sit back with my dad. As I was about there, I saw my dad talking with a man. To be exact, the man that was in the bathroom with me. I almost started crying again, when my dad waved me over to sit next to him. I slowly walked towards him, shaking in fear. I sat down next to him, and my father said, "Casey, this is my old friend, Bradley. We used to be in a band before I met your mother." I let the words sink in, but one word stuck in my head. The name, Bradley. I had heard that name before, but I couldn't remember where. Then, it clicked. Liam. My father then said, "Honey, Bradley is going to be staying with us for a couple days. Oh, and he has a step-son about your age! What's his name again Bradley?" The wicked man spoke, "Liam. He is your age actually." I nodded and turned my head and sat in silence, thinking about what total hell this week would be. At least I had Lucas...

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