Reality is perfect.

The Citadel is the ideal world. With the five values being soul way of life, supplied to the people through compulsory vaccination and then the ultimate procedure, society runs smoothly and efficiently. The government claim it is the way forward and in this perfect, logical society everyone agrees. That's only logical. On the eve of her sixteenth bithday, Avilon awaits the ultimate procedure, but she's different and she knows it. Soon she discovers why she is set apart from others and what she alone must do to overcome this sinister world.
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2. 2


She’s gone. The girl, I mean. And I have no idea where I am.

“Holy crap!” I hear a voice exclaim. 

Not alone! I try to get to my feet but my boots slip on shards of glass. Where am I? Glancing around I appear to be sitting on a dusty floor inside a huge rectangular building. Broken chains and what look to be archaic damaged machines crowd the interior. This doesn’t look like The Citadel.

And there’s someone here.

Having the feeling it may be of use, I snatch a particularly deadly looking piece of glass from the floor, before rising. I’m armed and prepared for … for … whatever’s next.

Then I hear a laugh – deep and carefree – reverberating from the shadows.  

“That’s not gunna do you much good, girly,” the voice says. Subtly, I scan the room trying to find the speaker. It’s definitely a man, but other than that I know nothing. Slowly, I retreat, hoping to find a wall. I do. Cold stone meets my back, which is very strange as The Citadel doesn’t use stone for building. But it’s not just any wall. I see I have stepped into some kind of frame that rests against the wall. Sharp glass teeth line the edges, broken in an uneven arrangement. The glass reflects the dim light that shines in a high up window. Like a mirror. Like the one I have in my hall.

The mirror I smashed.

I stare at the broken shards on the floor to the frame I stand in. How did I get here?

A whizzing causes me to snap me eyes to the ceiling and, suddenly, I figure drops from the shadows. With a foot in in the loop of a rope and a hand holding further up, the young man lowers alarmingly fast to the floor. I brandish my weapon in front of me.

“Wow you’re … something,” he chokes, as he looks me up and down. The heat rises to my face, annoyingly, as I imagine what a scrawny little thing I must be in his eyes.

“What?” I snap hating his languid stance and the irritating way his stare covers every inch of me. So I do exactly the same to him. A green jacket clings to his upper body as he stands there with his well-muscled arms crossed over his chest. Dangerous looking, black, securely laced boots are on his feet and a belt at his waist holds what must be a gun. A gun – in The Citadel – no way. His face shocks me, he can’t be older than twenty and is quite good-looking . More than quite, I guess, with dirty blonde hair, sharp green eyes and an infuriatingly smug smile.

“Like what you see, girly?” He asks and I have to admit that I do. But clearly he already knows that, so I give him my best scowl.

Then it occurs to me that I still have no idea where I am, so I demand, “Where am I?” whilst raising my shard of glass.

Once again he laughs at the sight of my weapon, “You’re out of course,” he answers like I should already know, “but, to be honest, I was expecting someone a bit … older.”

“What do you mean expecting?” I say standing straighter. I must have knocked myself out when I smashed that mirror.

“Well, we’ve been waiting for you,” he says gesturing to me, “for a long time.” Wait a second, who’s we? And waiting for me, why?

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand, I was in my house only just a second ago,” I strive to explain, “and now I’m here. Where exactly in the Citadel is this?”

He raises an eyebrow at me before replying, “This isn’t The Citadel, we’re out, in the real world.” Ok this is definitely an illusion. No one lives outside The Citadel’s protective shield – it’s not possible. Most of the real world sunk beneath the ocean eons ago and the rest is an inhabitable wasteland. Or so I thought.

Realising my mouth must be hanging wide open, I force is shut and take a deep breath.

“Yeah right, outside The Citadel,” I scoff, “So why aren’t I being fried by the sun’s lethal radiation and not forgetting the million degree temperatures?” I feel like laughing hysterically.

“Because none of that rubbish exists, girly,” he drawls. Now he’s accusing the government of being wrong. But no matter where we are, I still don’t know how I got here.

“Suppose this is the real world, then how did I get here?” I ask looking around again for any clues I may have missed earlier.

The young man points behind me, “through the mirror I think, since you came smashing through it.” Eagerly, I spin round and look at the mirror. It fits. I ran into a mirror and came out the other side.

“How?” is all I can manage.

“You tell me, you’re the one with the gift.” He retorts, “You’re the one who’s gunna free them all.”

“Wha-” I begin but a huge explosion rocks the building and sends rubble tumbling to the floor. Something solid hits me in the chest, pinning me to the floor and it takes me a moment to realise it’s the green eyed boy. More bangs erupt outside and the walls shake. The air is laden with dust.

“Quick, you need to leave now! They’re here!” He shouts and the panic in his eyes chills me to the bone. Grabbing my wrist roughly, he hauls me to my feet and we dash to the broken mirror.

There’s a deafening crack and parts of the roof crash to the floor right on our heels.

He shoves me forward, “GO BACK,” he yells.

“I don’t know how” I growl in frustration, struggling no to fall under his brutal force.

BOOM! The rear wall of the building explodes and stone is propelled through the air. Whatever is doing this is going to kill us. No doubt about it.

“On no…” he whispers.  Defeat seems to freeze us both. Then it catches my eye; a large pane of glass leaning against the opposite wall. Suddenly I see our exit and, grabbing his gloved hand, I burst into a sprint. The ground trembles, but we don’t stumble. I see our faint reflection in the glass. Just a little further.

“Girly, What are you doin?” the boy pants as I tow him along. We’re nearly there.

Another explosion rocks the building.

“No wait,” he cries but I don’t stop, “I can’t…”

He’s cut off as we hit the glass at full speed.


I hear the shattering this time. I feel the glass shares rain around me as I tumble to the carpeted floor of my bedroom. Safe.

“That was clo-” I start whilst turning but there’s nothing but my broken bedroom mirror. The green eyed boy is gone. All I have is his glove, heavy in my hand.

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