London Bridge is Falling Down.....

I never wanted to fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken. So if my heart falls, I'm broken. But when he came into my life its pretty much like I fall right then and there. So I guess you could say I'm broken..... Because I fall in love.


1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I grabbed my mom's hand as we walked into the plane together. Finally we were gone. Out of his sight, out of his mind. My mom whispered to me as we sat down in the last row of seats, "It's going to be fine. I swear, everything's going to be fine." I pulled my hoodie over my face as I fell into a light sleep. Once I woke up, we had arrived. "Darling, We're here. Time to grab our bags and walk out of this plane, as new people." My mom smile warmly but I knew it was a fake smile. She hadn't smiled since we found out --- Never mind. "When what are we waiting for?" I said while I grabbed my bags and walked out of the plane hand in hand with my mom. I entered the airport of London,England. I looked around hoping not to see him. My mom must have been doing the same thing, because I could see the worried look in her eye. Once safety check was complete, we headed outside to get a taxi before the big crowd rolled in. "TAXI!'' my mom yelled. One rolled up to us and helped us put our bags in the trunk. Of course, from watching movies I asked "You're not going to be one of those rude taxi's drivers that rolls away with our bags in the trunk, right?" He smirked as I'm sure he has heard this many times before. "Depends." And with that, we all got into the taxi and drove off.  

As soon as we got into the black taxi, I put my hoodie on and my ear buds in. As the music played my world slowly melted away. 

"When she was just a girl

she expected the world 

but it flew away from her reach

so she ran away in her sleep

Dreamed of


Para,Para, Paradise


Every time she closed her eyes" 

Before I could finsh the song, my mom lightly pushed me back and forward applying that we're here. Our out of sight, out of mind home was finally in my sight and in my mind. 




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