London Bridge is Falling Down.....

I never wanted to fall in love. Because everything that falls gets broken. So if my heart falls, I'm broken. But when he came into my life its pretty much like I fall right then and there. So I guess you could say I'm broken..... Because I fall in love.


2. In The Shadows

I put my hoodie over my face and ear buds in once more as I walked into my room. I looked around, making sure he wasn't hiding everywhere. After safety check two was complete, I walked around my room getting use to it for the time being. "CAITLYN! Time to eat, Pizzia Time!" I smiled and walked down stairs. As I walked into my kitchen I noticed something strange.... My mom wasn't anywhere in sight. And neither was pizza. I quickly hide myself. I said breathing really fast and couldn't stop, He was here. I heard my mom's voice once more. "CAITLYN! Time to eat, Pizza T-T-Time." I slowly moved towards my door, grabbing the handler. Ready to flee as soon as I have too. "This stupid thing got broken again." A man voice boomed, echoing through the house. I grabbed the handler tighter, opening the door and slowly making my way outside. When the alarms when off. "GO!" The voice boomed again "BRING HER TO ME! DEAD OR ALIVE!" As soon as I heard this, I ran as fast as I could.


Caitlyn's mom world was black. Her eyes we're wide open, yet she saw nothing. Then all the sudden the world got so much lighter as the bag was removed from her head. "So Vanessa..." Boomed a voice from somewhere in the room as her eyes start to adjust to the bright lights. "I heard you tried to get away from me. Tried but failed." Boomed the man's voice again as Vanessa try to find the man in the room. Once she looked to her right, a striking pain went through her neck. She stopped struggling and thought to herself  "Okay maybe this isn't like Saw."  The man's voice boomed once more as Vanessa closed her eyes in pain. "Don't pretend you don't know what's going to happen to you." The man grabbed the chair Vanessa was tied to as it started to rattle. "You know if you don't tell me where she is, I will kill you." Vanessa slowly opened her eyes as the man was standing in front of her. "I will never tell you where she is." Vanessa said as she felt the pain go through her neck again. "Death or location?" Vanessa closed her eyes as the pain kept coming. ''Death." We're Vanessa's last words.....


I kept running, in hope that he's gang wouldn't find me, but more importantly that he wouldn't find me. I looked up to see where I was, Buildings, People running to get to work, Fangirls. It was just the city, I doubt he could find me here. After countless times of people bumping into me, I started to walk and hide my face more then I was already doing so. When I started to look down at my shoes again, I bumped into someone. I thought they left so I helped myself up, but to my suprise They we're standing in front of me. "Did I hurt you?" He said. I looked up to see his face, Curly hair and a nice set of dimples. "Ummm.... No." I rubbed the dirt off of myself. He looked into my eyes and saw one thing. Fear. "we need to go...'' Said the boy as he grabbed my hand and dashed off. 


We kept running as the flashing lights we're in our faces. "KEEP RUNNING!" I looked up and saw every face of the gang members, I didn't realize I wasn't the only one being hunted down by him. Somehow he lost the gang and dragged me into this tree house looking thing. "Who are you?" I blurted out. He looked taken back, like every girl should know his name. "Come on, I'm waiting." I said while tapping my foot.


"Well Harry, Why am I Here?" I blurted out something once more. 

"That look, that look in your eye, I saw that once before. But it was on me. Answer me this, do you know a man by the name of Tyler Mannie?''

I shivered at the mention of his name. "I'll take that as a yes," Harry said coming closer to me.

"H-How do you know him?" I manged to say, my mind was swirling with thoughts. This whole day happened so fast, it was like a movie on fast forward. 

"He killed my best friend, Zayn. And has been after me ever since." 

I cried sliently but tried to hide it with my hoodie. 'He's my dad." I said while pulling my ear buds out. "But I perfer to call him ---- Killer." 






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